Seasonal Highlights

Close your eyes and distinctly imagine the picturesque setting of each season.

The crisp, cool feeling in the air as you stroll through the vibrant colors of changing leaves in the fall. The light crunch under your feet as you walk across the snow to watch the sun set over the serene, snow-blanketed horizon in the winter. The vividity of the world coming to life in the spring, surrounding your senses with colors so glowing and stunning that you'd swear you were in a painting. The energetic atmosphere of a summer in a place National Geographic called a "Top 10 Summer Destination in the World."

In Minneapolis, the seasons are actually seasons. We go from 80 degrees to 30 degrees, and we trade in our water skis for snow skis with a smile. Very few destinations give you that perfect surrounding normally reserved for Hallmark cards. Relax on a sunny beach. Go cross country skiing. Kayak the Mississippi River. Rent a bike and ride amidst the changing trees. You can do it all here in Minneapolis. If any of this sounds like the vacation you deserve, then check out the events and itineraries for each season in Minneapolis.


We play just as hard in the snow as we do out of it. We fly kites at the Lake Harriet Kite Festival, play hockey at the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships and conquer the elements one ski at a time in the City of Lakes Loppet. Then, we head inside to play golf around the city in the Skyway Open and smell some flowers at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show. Indoors or outdoors, we know how to experience winter to the fullest.



When spring rolls around, there’s simply no better place to be in America. You won’t find another city where you can enjoy this signature outdoor experience with the attractions of a big city. Read on to see the experiences Minneapolis is ready to offer you this spring.



When it comes down to it, Minneapolis is your destination this summer. Check out our itineraries and events below to see how you can enjoy one of the Top 10 Summer Destinations in the World.



As the leaves turn from green to gold, Minneapolis transforms into an exciting and fresh atmosphere. We're fanatics about fall, and it shows in the way the city goes about having some fun.



In the City by Nature, you'll find that holidays come pretty naturally. And why wouldn't they? We complement the picturesque holiday scenery with captivating experiences unlike any other in the nation. Whether you're a theater fan, sports enthusiast, shopacholic or anything in between, we've got it for you here.