#47 Can Can Wonderland

#47 of 52 Must See Things in Minneapolis.

What can’t can’t you do at Can Can Wonderland? Where classic fun meets quirky drinks. Where it’s socially acceptable for adults to act like kids. Where your diet doesn’t matter, and your responsibilities are forgotten. Welcome to Can Can Wonderland.

Take a step inside and look around at the artistically decorated walls, interior and games. Can Can Wonderland is serious about supporting the arts, and it’s shown through their stunning murals, intricately designed mini golf, live music events and even the staff. 

Head over to their mini golf for “18 holes of fun,” comprised of many responses to the question “What mini golf hole have you always wanted to play?” This isn’t your typical course. With the help of architects, visual artists and engineers, Can Can Wonderland’s mini golf course was born. It’s the mini golf of all mini golfs, and you must experience it.

If you’re into old school games, you might want to try the Boardwalk Arcade. Over 20 of your favorite vintage arcade games at your fingertips. Ping pong, air hockey and the incredible collection of pinball games will have you in awe.

Don’t leave without trying one of their themed cocktails. The names, the flavors and the presentation are all over the top. Try a boozy slushie or malt if your sweet tooth is getting the best of you. Order a beer or cider float and get a taste of your childhood with a grown up twist. If your hunger strikes (and we hope it does), pick something off of their deliciously indulgent menu. Toasties and dogs, nachos, banana splits and sundaes, and from-scratch pizza. Okay sure, they have some salads. But you’re not really a grown up here, remember?

Check their calendar of events to see what they’ve got going, or just stop in for a good time.