#34 Electric Fetus

#34 of 52 Must See Things in Minneapolis.

With a name that’s hard to forget and a rich history of filling the Minneapolis music scene with vibrancy and culture, Electric Fetus is an iconic Minneapolis destination. It was opened it 1968 by four friends living in Minneapolis wanting to revolutionize the way people experienced music. There were tales of the store being left unmanned with only a sign asking customers to leave money for what they were going to take, or the owners holding a Streakers’ Sale where customers could take as much as they could fit in their arms for free, as long as they were sans clothes. The owners were fined for having particular posters hanging in the window and you could often find weird yet intriguing types of art within the store. They pushed the limits of the time and didn’t always comply with social norms, making it an especially attractive spot for those who wanted to escape mainstream conformity.

The Electric Fetus started to garner attention for their eccentric approach and keen insight on what was happening within the music scene. As technology changed, the store adapted and sold CDs and DVDs almost exclusively. When vinyl records started to make their comeback, they split the merchandise a bit more evenly.

The stores’ ties to the Minnesota music scene deepened as Prince became a regular customer. He could often be found picking up a wide range of albums and even made an appearance on Record Store Day just a few days before his passing. Today, people visit Electric Fetus as a way to remember Prince and how his music forever made a mark on Minneapolis and the world. From old school to new age and everything in between, Electric Fetus has a wide and ever-changing selection of music so you can find your favorites or explore something new.