#11 Paisley Park

#11 of 52 Must See Things in Minneapolis.

The man that put Minneapolis on the map, inspired other artists, and was an international influence in the music scene is always being honored and remembered throughout the city. One of the places closest to his legacy is Paisley Park, his home and recording studio in suburban Minneapolis.

Following the success of the movie as well as Prince’s song, Purple Rain, Paisley Park Records was created as Prince’s record label and was funded in part by Warner Bros. Soon after was the creation of Paisley Park itself, Prince’s masterpiece and haven. He helped with the design and hoped to make an all-encompassing music venue complete with recording studios, a soundstage, clothing production, a dance studio, and office space. Many of Prince’s songs were written and produced at Paisley Park, and he was even known to host impromptu private concerts. Prince wasn’t the only one to appreciate the creative space. Artists like Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Madonna and Aretha Franklin have recorded at Paisley Park as well.

Prince’s energy can be felt in every room. From the décor to the concert spaces to the names of the rooms, every detail provides a peek into Prince’s mind. With Paisley Park now being open to the public, fans can take a walk back in time to see where the magic happened. Tour his recording studios, editing suites and club space, and see much of Paisley Park just as Prince left it. Many areas have actually remained untouched since his passing, allowing visitors to get a glimpse into his everyday life. Schedule a tour and celebrate Prince’s life and his impact on both the music industry and on Minneapolis. 

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