Irish, French, German

With a multitude of European restaurants in the city, you can experience the flavors of Poland, France, Ireland, Scandinavia and more without ever leaving the city limits.

It’s only natural, since Minneapolis ranks fourth in the nation in German heritage. Here, you’ll enjoy a fun atmosphere reminiscent of a Bavarian eatery, with traditional fare from bratwursts to Jagerschnitzel. You can enjoy one of the many German beers on tap and revel in polka dancing to the tunes of an authentic German Oom-Pah band. For an ode to German heritage and a second-to-none cultural experience, look no further than Minneapolis. For a taste of Ireland, popular downtown pubs are known for their traditional Irish food, live music, and of course fine Irish whiskey. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped off the streets of Minneapolis and into an authentic Irish pub in the heart of Dublin. 

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