Prince Memory Wall

Thoughts and memories from our community about how Prince touched their lives.

"WOW....I grew up listening to Prince!! His music was the soundtrack to my life and I am really upset about his unexpected passing. It's as if a member of my immediate family has gone. But, I have to say that now it makes me want to come to Minneapolis to visit his hometown, where he grew up, where he partied, to visit the city that was the inspiration for some of the phenomenal music that he created. To hopefully get a glimpse at Paisley Park!! Will there be bus tours to Paisley Park??? I plan to visit the week of his birthday. Prince IS the Greatest Musician & Entertainer that Ever Lived!!! NO ONE has done or can do it Better!!! I Will Miss Him Dearly!" - Renee R. 

"Although, I didn't know Prince we all share a commonality… His Music! He will certainly live on in my heart and in my mind, I offer my condolences to his family and the city of Minneapolis. He loved his city and his city loved him in return! I will visit and if I like it, will eventually move there, I have read that it is a wonderful city, can't wait to visit!" - Francesca K.

"Prince était le plus grand chanteur au monde, c'était un génie. Qu'il repose en paix, je ne l'oublierai jamais et continuerai à l'aimer. Je viendrai en avril 2017 lui rendre mon hommage." 
(Prince was the greatest singer in the world, he was a genius . May he rest in peace, I will never forget and continue to love . I will come in April 2017 make my tribute.) - Veronique R. 

"I remember being super broke and very pregnant when his concert was announced. October 29th, 1997 - that was the projected date for my son's delivery. I bought the tickets and the only thing I regret is that I didn't get front row tickets. I knew it was a once in a lifetime opporunity and I thank the heavens that I made it and that my son was born Oct. 16th, which gave me some time. I have always loved Prince and will continue to love him throughout my life. I love what he stood for and every beautiful gift he shared with the world. I wish him peace and love and heaven."  - Angel D. 

"Tonight I'm gonna party like it's “1999” was released in 1982. I danced my butt off to that, and other Prince songs, at First Avenue and the clubs around town back in the day. Seemed like Y2K was so far away. Prince was only two years older than me and my friends. Like many of the youngest baby-boomers in Minneapolis in the early 1980's, we followed his gigs around town as we came of age into adulthood. I served him and his band breakfast one early morning at a hip cafe in Minneapolis open until 3:00 AM to accommodate the bar crowd. He was soft-spoken and so very nice. He had an aura that drew women to him. I think he's the only guy in high heels and full on eye makeup I've ever been hopelessly attracted to. He was an artist and a superstar! No one could put on a show like Prince. His talent was boundless. He stated he "thought" in music and had enough material for five albums in his head at any given time. He truly was a musical genius. When I first heard of his death, I was in denial. I was drawn to First Ave to pay tribute. When Y2K came, I was an adult with too many responsibilities. I lost touch with his music, and frankly my own cool factor. In honor of Prince, I am going to start listening again and bringing back my cool. We'll miss you! You are our native son. You left us way too soon and we will mourn your passing like a member of our own family! May God hold you in the palm of his hand until we meet again and dance to the sweet music of your soul. Goodnight sweet Prince, we will never forget you! Peace!" - Kathleen W. 

I am a professional musician who travels the world touring with various artists. Sadly, even though I had been to Minneapolis many, many times I never took advantage of seeing the community of this man who I consider a genius. Of course I made my way over to First Avenue since it was so accessible and immediate but never considered visiting the Capri or the Orpheum as I didn't know the history. Prince's passing has literally shaken me to my core. I am heartbroken that his light is now extinguished. The next time I am there in the city I will be certain to go see the Schmitt mural and possibly even Paisley Park. I am completely intrigued with understanding his relationship to his hometown. I've always loved Minneapolis but now it is forever mythologized by Prince for me. Never let his memory die!!!   - Alexander

I got to see Prince live only once in my lifetime, but being 17 that's not bad. I was blessed enough to score tickets to his Piano and a Microphone show in Toronto, which was on March 25th 2016. I remember waking up that morning thinking to myself “I'm going to see Prince tonight, I can't believe it,” and I wouldn't… I would NOT believe it until I was in the same room as him, listening to him sing.

Being a musician myself, Prince has inspired me in so many ways and has taught me so many things. I remember his concert so vividly, I was row 20 centre on the floor and I was in awe for the entire thing, I was trying to study him and everything he did, because I look up to him so much.

He looked so happy, healthy, he was prancing around the stage, singing so beautifully and playing the keys so magically. I am in complete shock that he's gone, as is everyone but seeing him in March, seeing him only 26 days before he passed away makes me question everything even more.

Prince was a musician that TRULY put his all into his music. He did everything for the music and for the fans. He was a brilliant performer who no one can top, and he was taken away from us far too soon. Prince, thank you for being that person I admire, that person I aspire to. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with the world, that many will cherish forever. I love you. - Emily G.

I experienced Prince at his 1999 concert at UT Martin, Martin TN in the early 80s. It was a very electrifying experience that I have cherished all my life and thus, I have been a Prince fan all his career! I saw him again in the 90s in Memphis, TN at the Pyramid. Mayte was dancing onstage beside him. I plan to visit Minneapolis/Chanhassen sometime in July 2016 because I can't seem to bring closure to this loss. The world has lost an extraordinary artist and wonderful humanitarian. I feel as if I've lost my brother. I will always LOVE Prince and cherish his legacy!!! #teamPrince!!! - Darlene

I was at that initial concert at the Capri Theatre and he kept the Warner Records execs waiting almost an hour-- then he blew everyone away with his awesome performance. He threw a birthday party 3 or 4 years in a row at the Prom Ballroom in St.Paul-- I was at all of them along with 1000 or 1500 of his closest friends. He never came out to talk with anyone-- just played music all night.

He was the closing act for 3 years of the Minnesota Music Awards at the Carlton Celebrity Room in Bloomington. I helped produce those awards shows. He never told us until the morning of the show if he would show up or not-- but he always did and every year we had a plan A and a plan B depending on weather he would show up or not. He also owned a store on the North East Corner of Lake and Hennepin called New Power Generation for a few years. One more thing, The Joffrey Ballet, a world class ballet company from New York City, choreographed a full length ballet called Purple Rain to the album sound track. I was involved in bringing it for 3 nights to Northrop Auditorium. After the opening night, Prince invited the entire company to Paisley Park to party with him. These young 18 an 19 year old ballerinas were thrilled beyond thrilled. - Larry B. 

I've been a Prince fan since the '80's. My little brother wanted to see Prince in 1982 or so. I did not want to go but he begged and he is my little brother so we went — my brother was in high school at the time. It was in Long Beach and we had back stage passes....the works. I brought my ear plugs just in case. But was I surprised. I was up dancing and didn't stop until it was over. We went back stage and it was packed. Stevie Wonder, Vanity, Eddie Murphy, etc. The show was awesome. My brother said, “I knew it, I knew you'd like him. Hahahaha.” Since then, I've seen Prince at least 10 times. The last being in 2015 when my daughter and I spent Mother's Day evening in Baltimore as he came because of the Freddie Gray incident. Prince asked us all to wear gray. What a great way to spend Mother's Day. My daughter was surprised when I asked her to move so I could get out in the aisle to dance! It was an excellent evening and my daughter, who is 26, realizes how lucky she was to have seen the legend. Plus....he sang MJ at the end of the concert! “Don't stop 'til you get enough.....” We won't stop because his music will live on forever and we will never get enough Prince! - Gloria N. 

My Prince experience: 7/7/07. The best concert I had ever experienced in my life! Prince's 3121! Scott totally surprised me with the tickets – I had no idea. Prince is one my absolute favorites of all time and it was my first concert ever. Sick!! I have been to many others since, but most can't even hold a candle to Prince.

The evening of the concert I realized that I did not have proper attire for the event. After searching through Ridgedale Mall, I came across the perfect purple cami with black lace. Purple with black lace is probably the most appropriate for the occasion and couldn't let Prince see me in anything less !

The first concert began at the top floor of Macy's downtown Minneapolis where he performed just a couple feet in front of me. I received a few glances from the man himself, holy balls! It was an intimate concert with a limited number of attendees. Amazing. His talent is incredible! Nothing compares to it, no pun intended.

Directly after Macy's, he performed at Target Center. Again, amazing! He performed all of his classics I adore with perfection. There was a sense of community amongst all of the Prince fans and everyone was so happy. It went on for hours.

After Target Center, he was off to First Ave. I didn't have tickets and obviously regret it to this day. There he performed until the cops shut it down. I recall it being around 4:30am. Crazy.

Prince cared about his fans, especially those in Minnesota. This is only one way he showed it. He never forgot his MN roots. He stayed a Vikings fan. He was something Minnesotans got to brag about.

I am so lucky I got to experience him and am so lucky I have a husband who made it all happen for me. It's a sad, sad day. I felt the need to share my incredibly happy memory of Prince. Normally I don't really post much, but I came home with a migraine, popped some pain killers and am now feeling a little loopy.

And that purple cami with black lace from 9 years ago? Yup, still have it! I wont have to think about what I'm wearing to work tomorrow, under my blazer of course .   - Beth D. 

The first time I saw Prince: (circa 1979) He was on television singing “I Wanna Be Your Lover” He had on a leopard off one shoulder leotard and heels. I was amazed and mesmerized. I am 58 years old and I still clearly remember not being able to take my eyes off him… RIP sweet prince. It's been an amazing. 

- Tammie T.

1984 the first time I saw Prince perform was at the movie theater in Purple Rain and I was instantly hooked. There will never be anyone like him. I will forever remember every concert I had the opportunity to attend, but will always regret that I missed his last concert in Atlanta – my home town. These were the best days of my life, mainly due to PRINCE ROGERS NELSON  - Melissa E. 

I've wanted to go to Minneapolis for ever now, Prince put it on the map. Now it's a way to say goodbye to the great man who gave me so much. I always felt out of place and he taught me it was ok to be different and not to care. He was in my life everyday via his music/pictures since I was 12. I have never met him but we always interacted every few years when he would visit Australia. In that time in my life going to his concert was one of the few things that made me happy. I had seen him 11 times in total and for some strange reason the last time I saw him I blew him a kiss. That action now comforts me, he saw it too. I'm going to miss him. Thank you Prince, for everything. - Vanessa T. 

I have been a Prince fan since I was a teenager. I remember taking a trip from my hometown of LA to Minneapolis to meet him. Sadly, it didn't happen. I went to Glam Slam in LA a couple times hoping to meet him. Sadly it didn't happen. Prince was one of the artists to inspire me to learn ho to play bass, and guitar. I continued to love his music even the albums that weren't big sellers. I am totally crushed at his passing. I'll be making a quick trip soon to Paisley Park to pay my respects to one of my favorite artists. I am so grateful that his music was in my lifetime. It's picked me up when I am down, it's inspired me to write my own music. I will continue to love his music till I am gone. - Xian O. 

True peaceful pioneer. I loved his music all the way back. The world is a better place because he lived! Rest easy Prince. - Lisa W. 

I remember the day my brother got the Controversy album from the wrecka stow and gave me the poster inside. That was it for me, loved him ever since. First time I saw him in concert was in 1983 and I've probably seen him upwards of 60 times since, I'd have to count my ticket stubs to know for sure. There are no words…if you never saw him live, I can't paint a beautiful enough experience. Hard headed too, I once politely argued with him for about 4 hours when I was in my 20s and still up for that sort of thing. Danced with him on stage at 3 concerts in Oakland, CA and Las Vegas, NV. I'm headed to Minne today to visit Paisley Park one last time. Bringing love. We miss you so much. I hope you knew how truly loved you were. - Lulu S.