Sales Contact Directory

Our knowledgeable sales staff will help you get the most out of your next event, wherever you are! To get started, contact Senior Vice President of Destination Sales Brent Foerster, and he will set you up with the appropriate sales representative to your region. Or, use the following deployment map to determine the correct representative for you:

Download Meet Minneapolis Destination Sales Deployment Map >>>

Destination Sales

Maureen (Mo) Allen – Administrative Assistant, Sales 612.767.8148

Marlene Bakke – Administrative Assistant, Sales 612.767.8150

Brent Foerster – Senior Vice President, Destination Sales 612.767.8130

Stephanie Grimaldi – Manager, East Coast National Accounts 612.767.8134

Nathan Hermiston – Director Of Destination Sales 612.767.8132

Anne Kloepper – Administrative Assistant, Sales 612.767.8152

Sue Murray – National Account Executive, 612.335.6333

Natalie Ortiz - National Account Executive, 202.255.6234

Kay Russell – National Account Executive 301.350.7370

Tom Ruzsa – National Account Executive 612.767.8144

Sheila Tapia – Senior Sales Account Executive 612.767.8126

Betty Williams, CMP – National Account Executive 612.767.8154

Amy O'Meara – National Account Executive 612.767.8128

Janet Elkins – Sales Account Executive 612.767.8102

Casey Kluver - National Tourism Sales Manager 612.767.8106

Cheryl Offerman - Global Tourism Sales Manager 612.767.8116

Mandy Schuchman- Group Sales Manager - Weddings 612.767.8144

Morgan Natzke - Sales Account Executive 612.767.8064

Emily Wilkens - Sales Account Associate 612.767.8146

Sports Minneapolis

Matt Meunier – Senior National Sports Account Executive 612.767.8140

Janet Elkins – Sports Account Executive 612.767.8102

Minneapolis Convention Center Sales

Angie Kufus – National Account Executive, 612.335.6336

Katie Smith, CMP – Director of Sales and Marketing, 612.335.6330

Deb Taylor – Associate Director of Sales, 612.335.6332

Savannah Fargen - Sales Account Executive, 612.335.6334

Partnership Marketing

Jenn Schaal – Director, Partnership Sales 612.767.8040

Shannon Lukes – Project Manager, Partnership  612.767.8024

Emily Peterson – Manager, Partnership Marketing 612.767.8062

Michael Rainville – Manager, Partnership Marketing 612.767.8074

Ross Slovensky – Manager, Partnership Marketing 612.767.8240