Suggested Itineraries

With so many options, trying to create your own list of things to do becomes a hectic jumble of events, and things get missed.

Minneapolis is one of those cities with the unique challenge of having too many things to try and do, which is why we had experts of the city create special itineraries to make your visit to Minneapolis the most enjoyable and efficient it can be. So take a look at our itineraries; there’s something for everyone.

A Taste of Minnesota Itinerary >>>

Go Minneapolis Signature Experiences Itinerary >>>

Go Minneapolis Signature Experiences Itinerary 2 >>>

Minneapolis-Saint Paul Student Itinerary >>>

Minneapolis-Saint Paul Women's Tour >>>

Multigenerational Tour >>>

For more ideas on how to make the most of your group event, head on over to the Visitor Itineraries page.