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Hear the ancient stories of the original peoples of this area, the area we call "Mni Sota". The fabled story of Hiawatha, the beautiful mythical Indian princess who was inspired by Longfellows imagination from the beauty of this area.Listen to the sacred stories about the Dakota and the Ojibwe whom have lived in this area for thousands of years. You will be guided back in history to learn about our customs, traditions and beliefs.Minneapolis and St. Paul are teeming with Indian history, from the ancient Dakota villages to the spectacular burial grounds in Mounds Park. Kaposia is the oldest known village in what is now St. Paul Airport. We will learn how one of its respected leaders, Chief Little Crow was instrumental in the events leading up to the 1862 Dakota Uprising. You will see how the Government of Minnesota and it's leaders played a grisly role in the death and the subsequent "Display" of Little Crow's Scalp for over 100 years!


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