Cooks of Crocus Hill

It's simple: There isn't a more energizing, conversation-driving, creativity-unleashing, socially engaging venue and retail store. When people start hanging out in a Cooks of Crocus Hill culinary location, they just can't help but relax, open up, and thoroughly enjoy themselves. It doesn't hurt that Cooks of Crocus Hill boasts the most beautiful cooking school kitchens around, complete with inviting and accommodating dining spaces for public classes and private events, or that the retail stores a filled with tools, gadgets, cookware and gourmet ingredients for the home or professional cook. Top that with unrivaled chef talent and crop shares from local farmers and you get an experience as uniquely delicious as it is wholly memorable. Cooks of Crocus Hill kitchens are available for meetings and rentals with or without a hands-on cooking component. Twin Cities locations are: Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Stillwater. Contact us for more information at 651-228-1333.


Cooks of Crocus Hill Map


  • 877 Grand Ave.
  • Saint Paul, MN 55105