Cadillac Ranch

  • Meeting Rooms: 1
  • Minimum Occupancy: 1
  • Maximum Occupancy: 50

Cadillac Ranch's focus is bringing authentic, All-American cuisine to its customers in a fun, dynamic environment. Our patrons enjoy a warm, rock n' roll-inspired atmosphere, with plenty of room for friends, music, and dancing. The food is freshly prepared using quality ingredients and the menu is diverse, with offerings ranging from homemade pasta to steaks. For a real flavor explosion, try our Juicy Lucy. It's packed in the middle with melted cheese, and will have you hooked from the first bite. Or if you're feeling a little wild, take a ride on the mechanical bull to get your adrenaline pumping and impress your friends. Classic Rock, Modern Rock, and more play through Cadillac Ranch's state of the art sound system, with multiple large-screen televisions throughout the restaurant so you can cheer on your favorite team.


Cadillac Ranch Map


  • 352 South Ave.
  • Bloomington, MN 55425