Fragrances of Spring flower show
Feb 2

Fragrances of Spring flower show

This event has expired but is here for your reference.

Fragrances of Spring:  Essence of Paradise-- a fragrant exhibit and preview of spring...indoors!

A profusion of scented plants and essences of nature are designed as vignettes--taking visitors on a fragrant journey of discovery--from the Great Hall glass house (with a collection of  300 orchids complemented by Bromeliads, Epiphytes and Spanish Moss. Continue on by skyway to the Snyder Bldg and into the Meyer-Deats Conservatory.  Discover your personal scent and plant preferences and create your own signature fragrance at the Fragrance Discovery Station.

Vignettes, as defined by plant and personality include:

1. Balsamic

Found in leaves that contain

essential oils such as menthol,

eucalyptol, balsam,

camphor and wintergreen.

Featured plants: lavender,

rosemary, yellow birch.

2. Spicy

Scents such as clove,

cinnamon, pepper, anise,

nutmeg. Featured plants:

carnations, anise hyssop,

clove currant, Korean

spice vibernum.

3. Heavy

Deeply penetrating scents.

Featured plants: citrus,

paperwhites, gardenia.

4. Sweet

A progressive scent, starting

as gentle and light,

to sugary watermelon, to

stronger honeysuckle and

heliotrope. Plants: Heliotrope,

hyacinths, Easter Lily

5. Fruited

A collection of four subscent

families, ranging from

grape-like to pineapple/

orange/mango to nectarine/

plum/apricot to lemon/

orange. Featured plants:

mignonette, boxwood,

paperwhite Soleil

d’Or, hybrid tea roses,

scented geraniums, yellow

flowering Primula acaulis

varieties, freesia.

6. Violet

Pure and wholesome. Featured

plants: Viola odorata, more.

7. Rose

Attar or essential essence of

perfumes, including rosewater,

syrups and confections.

Featured plants: Damask roses,

peonies, more.

8. Unique

Refined with comparisons

to Heavy. Featured plants:

lily of the valley, sweet peas,

iris, wisteria, lilacs.

9. Honeyed

almond-like, yeasty and musky .

Featured plants: sweet alyssum,

mushroom, melons.


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Fragrances of Spring flower show Map
  • Date:
    Feb 02, 2018
  • Time:
    8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Event Location:
    Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
  • Address:
    3675 Arboretum Drive
    55318, Minnesota 55318
  • Contact
    952 443 1400 Judy Hohmann

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