Hospitality Hero Training

Hospitality is one of the largest industries in Minneapolis. Our hotels, restaurants, attractions and retailers are a very important part of our local economy. Over 29 million visitors come to the Minneapolis Saint Paul each year for meetings and conventions, business and leisure travel. The estimated economic of these visitors is $7.1 billion dollars. The hospitality industry alone in Minneapolis supports 30,000 jobs.

Meet Minneapolis Convention & Visitors Association is responsible for marketing and selling Minneapolis as a meeting and travel destination. We have over 55 staff that are committed to providing the best visitor experience possible to our guests to the city. Our Minneapolis Convention Center has over 200 staff also dedicated to providing excellent service to people attending meetings and public trade shows. We want to encourage all of our partners in the hospitality industry to join us to participate in this on-line hospitality training program. By exceeding the expectations of our visitors, we hope that if they are in Minneapolis attending a meeting or convention, they may one day return as a visitor.

This is a self-paced educational program designed to prepare our hospitality community and event volunteers with the valuable information, tools, and resources needed to prepare for the many meeting attendees, and leisure and business travelers and many special events Minneapolis hosts. The purpose is to "coach" our hospitality team to exceed visitors' service expectations and leave a positive, lasting impression. 

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