Get Involved

We use many forms of advertising to get visitors from around the state, the region and the nation to visit Minneapolis, City by Nature, but the most effective and memorable advertisement and endorsement is you.

As a citizen of our great city, you have the unique opportunity to influence the experience visitors have when they come to Minneapolis. We sell Minneapolis as a destination and, as citizens, YOU are part of that experience. You are a brand ambassador, and you have the ability to make Minneapolis memorable.

So, how can you do that? It's easy. Just show your pride for the 612 every day. Let people know how exciting it is to live here, go out of your way to offer suggestions to visitors and, above all else, keep doing your part to make Minneapolis the great destination that so many magazines and newspapers across the nation applaud us for.  For example, did you know Minneapolis was awarded the second Best Downtown in 2015? "Most Minneapolis residents live within six blocks of a body of water. The downtown area’s low vacancy rate, high percentage of new homeowners, walkability and array of entertainment options make it one of the Top 10 Best Downtowns." -Livability

As a resident, you will become an expert ambassador, so when family and friends come to town, you can share your knowledge of the City by Nature. Use our Accolades pages to study up and you'll know this city in no time.