Calling all museum peepers, sunset seekers, saucy shoppers, hikers, bikers, zombies, mommies, adrenaline junkies, brew enthusiasts, purple people eaters and those living the sporting life. No matter what’s your thing, we want to show you around!

We are uniquely Minnneapolis and believe wholeheartedly in an open door policy. Stop in, drop your bags and discover our little big city by nature. There are only four rules: 1) don’t forget to have a good time; 2) stay young, go brewing; 3) save a car, bike a byway; and, 4) don’t forget to #ASKMPLS anything and everything.

Now that we have your attention, it’s a great time to introduce our fall happenings. If you don’t have time to research your Minneapolis vacation, that’s completely ok, check out some of the cool stuff we like to do. Shhh, we’ve peppered in some secrets, tips and tricks (or treats) to complement your visit in our city.