Summer in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a Top 10 Summer Destination in the WORLD.

The smart folks at National Geographic said that, and there are a couple reasons for such a masterful accolade to be bestowed upon us:

1) Amazing Weather: Florida, California, Texas. What do they all have in common? They’re ridiculously hot in the summer. Like 100+ degree sweltering heat. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the outdoors in cool, 80 degree weather?

2) Outdoor Fun: This kind of weather is too good to not have fun outside. That’s why Minneapolis has, hands down, the most outdoor fun of any city in the summer. Enjoy outdoor baseball in the home of the 2014 MLB All Star Game. Grab a bike and hit the miles of scenic trails in the “Most Bike-Friendly City in the Nation.” Hop in a kayak and conquer the Mississippi River. The best part? All of this is only steps away from your hotel downtown.

3) Cuisine Capital: Are you familiar with what a James Beard Award is? It’s like the Academy Awards for chefs and restaurants. Minneapolis is home to a lot of these winners. Our culinary scene is unmatched, with food ranging from hearty German traditionalist dishes all the way to spicy and experimental food from “the hot zones.” Plus, a lot of our restaurants use food grown locally, which means you’re getting a true, fresh taste of Minneapolis.

When it comes down to it, Minneapolis is your destination this summer. Check out our itineraries and events below to see how you can enjoy one of the Top 10 Summer Destinations in the World.

 Rock The Garden Minneapolis

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Our experts of the city have created special itineraries to make your visit to Minneapolis the most enjoyable it can be. With these valuable itineraries, you'll have access to all the right events:






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When you look at this calendar, you'll wonder how you ever spent summer anywhere else. Our mix of outdoor adventure and indoor inspiration provide one of the most unique experiences in America. Check out what YOU could be doing with a visit to Minneapolis.


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