Spring Arts and Culture Itinerary in Minneapolis

Morning: If you want a day full of culture, you might as well wake up surrounded IN history. The Depot Minneapolis Hotel stands as a living, breathing monument to a fantastic era of rail travel, as the hotel is renovated from the historic Milwaukee Road Depot. What other hotel can you say you’d have fun just walking around in?


Mid-Morning: Hands down, your first destination should be the Walker Art Center. This art haven is a dual threat, as you can enjoy creations both inside and outside the building. You can head inside and enjoy all the rare and progressive art on display, as well as one of their unique exhibitions going on at the time. BUT, you can also head outside and wander around the Sculpture Garden. And yes, this is where that ridiculously large spoon and cherry you see everyone taking pictures next to is located.


Lunch: If you didn’t think the Walker already did it all, then get this: they serve excellent food, too. They’ve partnered up with D’Amico to create Gather, and they serve lunch from 11:30 to 2:30 every day. And the food, like the institution, is a work of art.


Late Afternoon: Make your way back to downtown Minneapolis and step into the building that essentially created Minneapolis. The Mill City Museum is built in the ruins of what was once the most successful flour milling plant in the nation. We say this museum was built in ruins because this place literally exploded. Go see how that happened, as they’ve assured us that they’re 99.9999% sure it won’t happen again. Promise.


Evening: After a day of high-class history, you’ve got to end your adventure at the crème-de-la-crème of steakhouses: Manny's. Why did the readers of Mpls.St.Paul Magazine name Manny's their favorite steakhouse? First and last, there's the beef: USDA-certified, dry-aged, and center-cut. Hand-trimmed to their specifications, and cooked to yours.


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