Sports Fan's Summer Itinerary

Morning: Hyatt Regency

Brace yourself, we’re about to make a terrible joke/segue…Ahem…You’ll be enjoying the baseball diamond all day, so why not wake up surrounded in diamonds. The Hyatt Regency Hotel was awarded AAA’s Four Diamond Award, which means you’ll be in for a good night’s sleep. Plus, their Prairie Kitchen serves up great breakfast food.


Mid Morning: Fulton Brewery

Minnesota is a brewing capital of the nation, and we take our beers seriously here. With a recent law passed, breweries can now serve their beer in taprooms located right in their own brewing HQs. You get to taste the beer literally right out of production, and a fantastic place for that is at Fulton Brewery. They’ve got a range of fantastic beers, and they’ve NOW opened up for every single home Twins game. Get a taste (or several) of Minneapolis.


Lunch: Kieran’s

No matter if the Twins game is in the early afternoon or evening, you’ve got to hit up Kieran’s Irish Pub before the game. Their outdoor patio section is essentially the face of pre-game festivities, as the large, semi-grassy patio is absolutely FILLED with Twins fans. Sit outside, grab a pint and chow down on some finger food.


Afternoon: Pedal Pub

We do not condone drinking and driving at all. However, we DO condone drinking and pedaling with 9 other people while someone else steers a large, beer-infused cycling machine called a Pedal Pub. Rent out a Pedal Pub with some friends (or complete strangers, who you’ll become friends with) and take a 2-3 hour historical-esque tour where you all pedal a large pub-on-wheels and drink beer. It’s that simple.


Evening: Twins Game

It’s time for the main event of the day, and it is an event unlike any other. Head over to Target Field, home of the 2014 MLB All-Star Game and one of the only LEED-Certified stadiums in all sports, to enjoy some outdoor Minnesota Twins baseball. This is one of the premiere stadiums in all of Major League Baseball, and it truly captures what a baseball game should feel like. There’s really nothing more to say. You have to go to a Twins game.




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