The Shopper's Summer Itinerary

Morning: Hilton Minneapolis

With all the shopping you do today, you might want a “home base” that’s close so you can drop off your purchases without carrying them around all day. The Hilton Minneapolis is located only steps away from the best shopping spots in downtown Minneapolis, and they also include a sauna to relax in when the day is done.


Mid-Morning: Nicollet Mall

What do Nicollet Mall, Rodeo Drive, 5th Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard all have in common? They’re some of “America’s Best Shopping Streets.” Sure, we’ve got all the great restaurants and highly-fashionable stores all within walking distance, just like those other famous shopping roads. You know what makes Nicollet Mall stand head and shoulders above the others, though? We’ve got tax-free shopping on all apparel, AND the stuff here already costs less than it does on the coasts. It would be CRAZY not to load up on apparel while you’re here, so take a trip down to Nicollet Mall for a slice of shopping heaven.


Lunch: Brits

After a whirlwind of discounts, this shirt vs THAT shirt vs ANOTHER shirt and finding that perfect-colored shoe, you’re going to need to refuel. In style. Head on over to Brit’s, where you can sit on their patio or their two-storied rooftop and enjoy food straight from England. Plus, if the mood strikes you right, they’ve got a grass field the size of half a football field on their roof for full lawn bowling. How cool is that?!


Afternoon: Uptown Stores

After you’ve got your fill of over-the-pond dining (they call fries “chips,” how crazy!), take a ride via Metro Transit over to the absolutely-trendy Uptown for some famous thrift shopping. Uptown is where all the young, hip people live, and the diverse offering of stores completely reflect that. Hit a used book store for a rare find, then walk into a low-key clothes store, then make your way into one of the best spice and seasoning stores in the nation. Where you go is up to what you like, and what you like will be in Uptown.


Evening: Moto-I

The last stop on the list is unique for two reasons. First, Asian cuisine-based restaurant has a rooftop patio that overlooks the entire Minneapolis skyline. Second, Moto-I is their own brewery, in that they make their own signature Sake. Relax on the rooftop and enjoy some great sushi with authentic Japanese Sake from Moto-I.



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