Franklin Avenue

The American Indian Cultural Corridor on Franklin Avenue: An adventure to explore.

Rich in American Indian history, Franklin Avenue has restaurants, galleries and gift shops that feature Native American history, coffee shops and even a neighborhood bakery. 

Franklin Avenue, the hub of The American Indian Cultural Corridor, is just minutes from downtown Minneapolis. Here, you will find the unique flavor of our Native heritage with: galleries housing some of the finest Native American art, a Native American art gift shop where you can buy exquisite turquoise jewelry, wild rice and much more, coffee shops, an award winning restaurant serving breakfast and lunch. And an artisan bakery with fine breads and desserts.

The American Indian Cultural Corridor on Franklin Avenue is a must see for visitors and Minnesotans alike. With easy access by light rail, bus, cab, car, bike or even by foot, there is no reason to miss these remarkable attractions just a stone's throw from downtown.

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1113 East Franklin avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55404

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