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 By now, you probably know about all the benefits you get by being a Meet Minneapolis partner (website listing, media exposure, etc.). But, there are SO MANY MORE ways to take advantage of your partnership with us, ranging from valuable demographic insight on who visits Minneapolis all the way to moving your website up in Google rankings.

Click the topics below to see the many ways Meet Minneapolis can help you reach your marketing goals.

SEO Linkbacks  |  Minneapolis Visitor Infographic  |  2015 Sales & Marketing Presentation

2014 Sales & Marketing Preview  |  Meet Minneapolis 2017 Plan Participation Info

Leisure Promotion  |  Meeting Planner Promotion  |  2015 Annual Meeting

SEO Link Backs

Here are 4 stats you need to know about the importance of link backs:

  • 93% of all buying decisions start with an online search
  • 85% of searchers use Google
  • 70% of searchers don't go past the 1st page of Google
  • Your business only has an 8% of being clicked if it isn't ranked in the top 3 results of Google

Our new Minneapolis: City by Nature and Go Minneapolis badges offer the ability to help strengthen your Google ranking through the use of link backs. As a partner of Meet Minneapolis (and potentially Go Minneapolis), posting this badge with a URL back to our site shows that you are affiliated with and/or

Follow these steps to post your badge today:


Step 1: Select the graphic that fits your membership ( and/or Page)

Step 2: Right click and copy all the Text in the Code Snippet

Step 3: Paste as HTML in your Website

Step 4: Test to make sure link works. 

For help placing the badge on your site, please contact


To make sure your badge points to the correct spot on the site, we've created these additional, simple steps to use when you implement your badge.

Step 1: Select the first URL in the Code Snippet

Step 2: Replace that URL with the URL from your respective category page. EXAMPLE: If you are a hotel, you would place the URL If you were a museum, you would place the URL Etc.

Step 3: After the badge is on your site, test to make sure the link works.


Code Snippet

Proud Member Of Minneapolis
Actual size shown


Proud Member Of City By Nature
Actual size shown




Code Snippet

Go Minneapolis Partner
Actual size shown


Go Minneapolis Partner
Actual size shown


Minneapolis Visitor Infographic

In all your marketing efforts, there's one important thing to always remember:

It's not what you say, but who you say it to.

You might have crafted an absolutely inspiring message, but it won't do you any good if it is completely unrelatable to your target market.

At Meet Minneapolis, we want to give you the tools to succeed when you craft your message. That's why we've compiled years of our valuable data on visitor demographics into a simple-to-read and highly visual infographic. Use this information to understand who visits Minneapolis so you can better hone your marketing message.

Download Infographic >>>

2015 Sales & Marketing Presentation 

Meet Minneapolis 2015 Sales & Marketing Presentation

Take a look at what Meet Minneapolis has planned for 2015 and learn how you can use your partnership.

View Sales and Marketing Presentation >>>
(Please be patient while download due to large file size.)

View the Top 10 Ways to Use Your Partnership >>>

The 2013 Sales and Marketing Plan for Meet Minneapolis 

Meet Minneapolis 2014 Sales & Marketing Preview

2014 looks to be an exciting and opportunistic time for Minneapolis. A lot of big things are happening, and Meet Minneapolis has put together a plan to make 2014 a year to remember.

How does this plan affect you? Take a look and see what we're going to do in 2014.

View Sales and Marketing Preview >>>
(Please be patient while download due to large file size.)

Imagine 2017

Meet Minneapolis 2017 Plan

2017 is a whole new playing field for Minneapolis. Traversing forward is an exciting and pioneering opportuinty, and Meet Minneapolis has a plan to change the way Minneapolis looks in 2017.

Our Meet Minneapolis 2017 Plan contains: A foreward from CEO Melvin Tennant, the Minneapolis Visitor Profile Infographic, strategic elements to help shape our plan, and our seven key objectives going forward. Take a look at this booklet to see what the future of Minneapolis will look like.

Download Meet Minneapolis 2017 Plan >>>

Information on how to be a part of Go Minneapolis Participation Information

We've come up with a game-changing way to get the best deals and experiences to Minneapolis visitors.

It's called Go Minneapolis, and it transforms how visitors interact with you.

By creating a site dedicated solely to deals and exclusive experiences, we've simplified the deal search process, giving visitors exactly what they need all in one place. Plus, with a Pinterest-style layout, we've created a free-flowing and easily-accessible way for a visitor to acquire deals and exclusive experiences.

For information on how you can be a part of this new site, contact your Partnership Marketing Manager or Emily Peterson at

Download Information Booklet >>>

A booklet describing the success of the 2011-2012 Minneapolis Leisure Promotion

Meet Minneapolis Leisure Travel Promotion

Visitors are constantly looking for things to do when they visit a city, and our site leverages this curiousity by offering seasonal events and itineraries to help visitors get the most out of their visit to Minneapolis.

Our itineraries and events pages average over 200,000 viewers per year. Being part of this promotion gives you the chance to put your best events in front of these eager visitors. View the informational booklet below and contact your Partnership Marketing Manager to be a part of this highly-successful promotion.

Download Leisure Travel Promotion Booklet >>>

Meeting Planner

Meet Minneapolis Meeting Planner Promotion

The mission of Meet Minneapolis is to market, sell and maximize the visitor experience of Minneapolis for the economic benefit of our community. This mission is supported by a talented team of professionals dedicated to and passionate about the destination of Minneapolis.

Our Destination Sales team, located in the Meet Minneapolis offices, the Minneapolis Convention Center and in Washington, D.C., book meetings and conventions around the metro area. These bookings are designed to fill Minneapolis hotel rooms and bring business to our partners.

Download Meeting Planner Promotion Booklet >>>

Meet Minneapolis Annual Report

Meet Minneapolis 2014 Annual Report

Each year Meet Minneapolis invites partners and community leaders to review our annual impact on Minneapolis, specifically the hospitality industry. 

With 2014 in the books, we will celebrate successes and look ahead at what events will impact this community in a big way in the years to come. See what we have accomplished in 2014 and take a look at our goals for 2015.

Download Annual Meeting Report >>>

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