Outdoor Adventurer's Summer Itinerary

Morning: Crowne Plaza West Minneapolis

Right from the moment you wake up, you should feel like it’s going to be an adventurous day. There’s no better place to get that vibe than waking up in the Crowne Plaza West Minneapolis. They’ve got great, healthy breakfast options in their open restaurant, and they have a gym and pool that puts most health clubs to shame. Wake up, feel energized, fuel up and get ready for an outdoorsy day.


Mid-Morning: Segway

An outdoor adventure is like any other sport: you can’t just jump in full speed ahead. You’ve got to ease yourself in to the experience. A nice balance between relaxing and exhilarating is a tour with Segway Magical History Tours. You get to glide around on a segway (have you ever segwayed?) AND learn about the history of Minneapolis. One of the highlights of the tour is traversing across the historic Stone Arch Bridge, which was literally built when Minneapolis was founded. Highly recommended.

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Lunch: Burger Jones

Head on over to the always-trendy Uptown (only a mile or two from downtown Minneapolis) and grab a burger at the place that does it so well they put it in the name: Burger Jones. This is like a combination of the offerings of a 30’s diner mixed with the have-it-your-way feel of a bar. You can order one of their staple burgers, OR you can build your own burger. You can have a signature chocolate malt, OR you can have a hard shake (alcoholic milkshake). Either way, you’re in for an experience at Burger Jones.

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Afternoon: Bike to Lake Calhoun

Here comes some adventure. After lunch, hop on a Nice Ride bike (yes, you can even rent bikes in this city) and hit the gorgeous miles upon miles of bike trails. You can go far away down the Greenway, or you can traverse through Uptown and circle around Lake of the Isles. Ultimately, you’ll end up at Lake Calhoun, where the outdoor options are aplenty. You can paddleboard, tandem paddle, kayak, play a lawn game or just chill out on the beach. Whatever your style, Lake Calhoun has you covered.


Dinner: Uptown Cafeteria

You’ve just had a jam-packed day, so it’ll be time to relax a bit. Since you’re already in Uptown, there’s no better place to do that than Uptown Cafeteria. They specialize in “comfort food” with dishes like the “Three Cheese Mac and Cheese,” “THE Burger,” and the classic chicken pot pie. The best part? You can head up to their rooftop (and we HIGHLY recommend this) and soak in the gorgeous Minneapolis skyline while sitting on comfy couches and chairs.

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