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Minneapolis Convention Center

1301 Second Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55403

General Information

Telephone: 612.335.6000
Fax: 612.335.6757
TDD: 612.335.6500


Administration  |  Sales & Marketing  |  Event Coordination  |  Guest & Security Services  |  Safety Hotline  |  Kelber Catering  |  Facility Operations  |  Event Operations


Jeff Johnson, Executive Director
Chris Larson, Director of Facility Services
Mark Zirbel, Director of Events
Chris Hunjas, Director of Business Administration

Sales and Marketing

Telephone: 612.335.6035
Fax: 612.335.6694
Katie Smith, Director of Sales & Marketing
Deb Taylor, Associate Director of Sales, Minnesota Corporate/National Association
Jody Geiselhart, Sales Manager, Trade and Consumer Shows
Angie Kufus, Sales Manager, Minnesota Association
Sue Murray, Sales Manager, Corporate
Kristen Montag, Marketing Communication Manager (including media relations)

Event Coordination:

Telephone: 612.335.6020
Fax: 612.335.6694
Wayne Mahoney, Event Services Manager
Jody Geiselhart, Booking & Administration Coordinator
Fred Boddie, Senior Event Coordinator
Lori Rausch, Senior Event Coordinator
Gretchen Kuriger, Senior Event Coordinator
John Stocker, Senior Event Coordinator
Tony Pucci, Event Coordinator
Ivory Smith, Event Coordinator
Kristen Wollin, Senior Event Coordinator

Guest & Security Services:

Telephone: 612.335.6257
Marcus Travis, Guest Services & Security Manager
Rob Villanueva, Senior Supervisor
Desmond DeVos, Guest Services & Security Event Coordinator
Bill Sharp, Guest Services & Security Event Coordinator

Safety & Security

Telephone: 612.335.6040
24/7 Security

Kelber Catering

Telephone: 612.335.6045
Fax: 612.335.6516
Lisa Anderson, Director of Sales & Catering
Heidi Hudson, Catering Sales Manager
Rachel Porter, Catering Sales Coordinator
Stephanie Case, Catering Sales Coordinator
Kim Nelson, General Manager

Facilities Operations:

Telephone: 612.335.6335
Lane Carlson, Facilities Operations Manager

Event Operations:

Telephone: 612.335.6334
Bob Swanson, Manager of Event Operations

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