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Submissions will start on November 1st and go until November 18. Please check back on November 1st for the submission form.

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Selection Process

The competition is in two primary stages - juried and public voting - with additional stages of review.

  • Initial submissions will be reviewed by CCC staff and any proposal deemed not feasible or not appropriate will not be presented to the jury.
  • A jury will select no more than 3 finalists from the remaining pool of submissions
  • CCC staff will work with the finalists to help ensure that final proposals are feasible within the scope and budget of the CCC and the regulatory regime of the City.
  • Approved final proposals will be posted on a website for public voting (in a manner yet to be determined). There will be a public forum to discuss the proposals. The top online vote getter, as verified by CCC, will receive the opportunity for a $75,000 commission
  • Development of final project details must be approved by CCC before the commission is formally awarded.


The jury has yet to be finalized. When it is, it will be posted to the competition website. It will include the following:

  • A jury of architecture and urban placemaking professionals and city officials will select the top three candidates for the public to vote on.

Evaluation Criteria

Phase 1 - Jury

Artistic Excellence: The primary criterion for the project is artistic excellence. Does the proposal represent innovative ideas? Form? Community participation? Ecological values?

In addition, a proposal will be evaluated for feasibility and how well it answers the following questions:

  • Is it likely to be a destination for visitors to MCC and residents of the City?
  • How does it embody the Eco-focused values of the City of Minneapolis?
  • How does it accommodate and encourage social interactions and participatory activities, both planned and informal?
  • How does it work during the day? How does it work during the night?
  • What level of connectedness to the cultural and natural resources of the rest of the City does it encourage?

Phase 2 - Public

The public will be asked to vote for their favorite proposal from a pool of no more than 3 finalists short-listed by the professional jury.

Submission Requirements

The submission site will be online at least 2 weeks prior to the submission deadline of November 18.

Phase 1: Proposals for the Jury

Cover Letter

  • In no more than 2 pages tell us who you are, why you are taking the Creative City Challenge, and your general approach to the project and its themes.

Project vision

  • In no more than 500 words describe your vision of your Creative City Challenge project. It can be precise, pragmatic, poetic, visionary, but it should be realistic and convincing.

Project illustration(s)

  • Provide at least one and no more than 6 images of your proposed project. These do not need to be detailed plans, but should give some sense of the envisioned result. It can be based on a sketch, a CAD drawing, an altered image, or a construction, but the file itself must be in jpg, gif or png format. If you are providing a movie, it should be no longer than 2 min. and must be accessible online, preferably on Vimeo or YouTube.

Names, Roles, and Residency of Team Members

  • Primary contact
  • Short description of team member strengths, special qualifications for this project, and anticipated project involvement, as well as biographical data of the primary participant(s). List the names and titles of key professional staff that are expected to work on the project if awarded the contract for professional services. Note that the lead member(s) of the team and at least 50% of the core team must be permanent residents of Minnesota

Relevant previous experience

  • Relevant previous experience demonstrating the team's ability to execute public park projects of a similar scope and size with a traditional as well as an innovative design approach. List no more than 3 projects with no more than 2 pages of materials for each. You may include a link to further information about each project, but this information will not necessarily be reviewed by the jury.


• Prepare a budget for of no more than $75,000 that identifies costs in primary categories for your project. This does not need to be precise; it is to assure the jury that your proposal is feasible. Be sure to include costs for upkeep and deinstallation as well as production and installation.

Phase 2: Voting by the Public

After selection of finalists by the jury, each finalist will receive a fee of $2,500 to prepare a final proposal for public voting. The proposal should include:

  • Detailed proposal
  • Drawings and schematics
  • Budget
  • Installation timeline

MCC staff will review the budget, schematics, and timeline for feasibility before the project is presented to the public. If this cannot be resolved satisfactorily before the public launch date, the project will not be included in the final public presentations, although the full design fee will be paid. The budget and timeline will not be part of the public discussion. 

There will be a public forum during the public voting process at which all finalists will be required to participate. The form of this public forum has not been finalized at this point.

Further information about what the finalists need to present will be provided at the time of their notification.


  • October 3 – Call for proposals
  • Oct. 15, 22 and Nov. 12 info sessions
  • Nov. 18 – proposals due by 4:30 pm
  • December 11 – 3 finalists notified
  • January 26 – finalist proposals due
  • February 2 – public voting begins
  • February 14 – public presentation of projects
  • February 28 – public voting ends
  • March 3 – winner announced
  • June 14 – project opens to public with event

All dates are subject to change. Check back on the website for the latest information.

General Guidelines

  • The project cannot prevent or unreasonably alter the use of the plaza for events or general enjoyment 
  • For finalist projects, the project and the budget should address all of the necessary permits, requirements, codes and reviews, including sound.
  • The project should have insurance as required by the City of Minneapolis
  • Final details regarding the project will be subject to a contract with the City of Minneapolis.

Submission Form

CCC Form

Submit your ideas here>>>


A pdf of the call for proposals can be downloaded here. Email specific questions to before 4:30 pm CDT November 4. Answers to all questions will be posted on the Challenge website by November 16.

Creative City Challenge Info Sessions

Interested in learning more about the submission process for the Creative City Challenge? 

Come to one of three info sessions:

October 15, 2013 *WEBINAR*
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October 22, 2013
Minneapolis Convention Center
Room 102F (first floor)

November 12, 2013
Minneapolis Convention Center
Room 204AB (second floor)

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