CCC Finalists

Creative City Challenge Finalists. On December 3, the Creative City Challenge jury selected 3 finalists to prepare updated design proposals for the public to vote on beginning February 3, 2014.


Amanda Lovelee, Christopher Field, Kyle Waites, Sarah West, Balancing Ground

Balancing Ground is a welcoming interactive space providing moments of reflective and playful activity in the midst of a large urban plaza. It weaves play and peacefulness together through the use of sound, light, text and group movements to create meaningful engagement and the opportunity for intimate, public conversations. The installation will consist of long rows of wood benches interrupted with a series of the familiar playground teeter-totters. These benches and teeter totters will be surrounded by a large wood structure with a canopy of prisms and reflective fragments strung between the rafters. Balancing Ground will draw people in through curiosity, keep them there through play, and invite people to hear myriad perspectives and voices about cultural, ecological and sociological questions.

Amanda Lovelee is an engagement focused public artist, and is the Temporal and Engagement City Artist in Residence for the City of St. Paul.

Christopher Field is an interactive new media artist who is particularly interested in how complex ideas can be expressed through visual and immersive media, and the way that media affects people's emotions and perceptions.

Kyle Waites is a professional set and lighting designer who currently owns and runs his own lighting business in the Twin Cities.

Sarah West is a multi-disciplinary artist with professional experience in architecture, set design, and gallery and site-specific public art installation projects.


Wil Natzel, Jerry Natzel, Chrysalis

Chrysalis is an assemblage of deployable elements: a series of entry archways, a communal seating court, and a tower pavilion. After the public proceeds through the archway which transitions into the seating court, it will be guided into the tower pavilion. Once inside the pavilion the public will experience an overhead explosion of baroque pattern, light and decoration, which will transform each month to display different exotic designs and configurations.

Wil Natzel is an architect who has produced and assembled large architectural constructions of cut cardboard for The Soap Factory, Northern Spark 2012, SooVAC, Perot Museum of Science and Nature, and Southern Methodist University.

Jerry Natzel has been a consulting engineer for more than twenty-five years and has been involved in crane design for the US Navy to ethanol plants for farm cooperatives, along with numerous other engineering projects.


Will Peterson, Bill Ferenc, Melissa Gagner, Trygve Nordberg, SPark

SPark is a colony of autonomous “flowers” linked by a wireless network. At this Sentient Park (SPark), visitors will be welcome and encouraged to walk among the human sized flower components. SPark responds to visitors with movement and light. Each sculptural flower is an autonomous entity, linked to the other flowers by a wireless network. Through different interactions visitors will be able to make SPark move, pulse, breathe.

Will Peterson is an exhibit designer, music teacher, firefighter, technical writer, archaeologist, wine grower, and renaissance man who has been with the MN Historical Society for 7 years.

Trygve Nordberg is a programmer and interaction designer who creates technology driven installations in both academic and professional contexts.

Bill Ferenc is an illustrator and graphic designer living in Minneapolis and is a founding member of Big Table Studio.

Melissa Gagner is an artist and video production extraordinaire who currently works as an Assistant Media Developer at the Minnesota Historical Society and does freelance work in the Twin Cities.


Public voting will begin on Monday, February 3rd, 2014.

There will be a public presentation of the final project proposals in February on a date to be determined.

Creative City Challenge Jury

Robert Adams, Associate Professor of Architecture, University of Michigan

Amara Antilla, Curatorial Assistant, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Lisa Goodman, Council Member, Ward 7, Minneapolis City Council

Rob Hunter, Commissioner, Minneapolis Arts Commission; Associate, James Dayton Design, Ltd.

Kjersti Monson, Director of Long Range Planning, City of Minneapolis

Marc Pally, Artistic Director, Glow

Erica Prosser, Policy Aide, City of Minneapolis

Eric Quint, Chief Design Officer, 3M

Julia Robinson, AIA, Professor of Architecture, University of Minnesota

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