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Brave New Workshop Creative Outreach

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Forget Myers-Briggs: Everyone is Welcome to Improvise with Us!


Contrary to what one might expect, many of our improvisers and performers are introverts. Although they are on stage performing and evoking booming audience laughter for a living, in their personal lives, they can be soft-spoken, energized by solitude, even shy. Yet they are in love with improvisation both as an artform and a way of life. 


What do they find so attractive? We asked a few self-described introverts to share their points of view.

  •  "Improv is a great way to exercise my natural talent of listening and using my imagination."
  • "I love that I can play diverse characters, without any pressure of fitting in a particular role or someone's expectation."
  • "I do regain my energy away from other people, but improv has done wonders for my ability to communicate and collaborate with others."
  • "My ability to observe nuances and grasp what the group as a whole needs, has helped me be very successful in improv. It's not about the loudest or most prominent character, it is about the ensemble delivering a cohesive product. I love being part of that." 


Embrace Who We Are

On April 16 introverts and extroverts alike are gathering  for a fearless dive into the world of improvisation to acquire strategies and tactics to improve their presentation skills, use their authentic voice, and exercise their ability to be in the moment and unleash their creativity. 

Working in an environment of creative safety and laughter, we will practice the behaviors and mindset that allow improvisers to produce great results in high-stress situations - and then bridge them to life at work and at home.


Why We Care

Women are a tremendous force in the global economy with the potential to literally save the world. We are excited to play our small part by supporting and inspiring women to be their most creative and authentic selves as they go about problem solving, leading and inspiring others every day!


Lead the Way

One of the best thing we can do for other women is help them stretch, learn and grow. Please feel free to forward this email to  women you value as friends and collaborators in your network or organization.

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