Beekeeping Activities in Minneapolis Parks This Spring & Summer

Beekeeping Activities in Minneapolis Parks This Spring & Summer

Minneapolis Parks Abuzz with Beekeeping Activities This Spring and Summer

Bumble bees and honey bees are fascinating insects. Bumble bees are known for their gentle nature and audible buzzing noise. Honey bees never sleep and are the only insects that produce something that humans eat. Honey is also the only food that never goes bad (if sealed in an air-tight container).

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) has plenty of opportunities for youth and adults to learn about bees this spring and summer:

  • Community Bees on Bikes, an urban beekeeping education program that establishes and maintains beehives in Minneapolis parks, provides a unique opportunity to safely explore a working beehive. Meet the queen, see the brood, and, if the hive is ready, taste honey!
  • Volunteer with an entomologist (insect specialist) from the University of Minnesota¬ís Bee Lab to gently catch, identify and release bumblebees.
  • Bees are celebrated in style at the July 25 free Pollinator Party.

Cost, location(s) and registration information is available on the MPRB web site.