March Fadness: Spring Shopping in Minneapolis

Tuesday March 26, 2013

March Fadness
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Spring in Minneapolis is a pretty cool time. You can read our thoughts about it here, but know that there’s not really any place in the world that can offer the atmosphere and activities that we have here in Minneapolis.

But it’s not enough to go out and have fun. No, you’ve got to look good doing it. And Minneapolis has you covered there, too. Not only are we one of the best-dressed cities in the nation, but we’ve got TAX-FREE SHOPPING ON APPAREL AND SHOES. That means you can look your best without paying high-end prices.

Now, we WERE going to make this post just a straight list of spring fashion staples you should buy. But then we thought, “Why not let you good-looking and fashionable people decide?”

So that’s what we’re doing.

We’ve created a “March Fadness Bracket.” 32 of the top women’s and men’s spring fashion must-haves will battle it out to determine what the best spring fashion item is. And YOU get to vote on what apparel makes it to each round. You’ve got the ultimate say in what people should be wearing this spring, so PLEASE don’t make us all look like Justin Bieber.

Click the picture at the top of the page to see how the apparel is matched up, and then click the link below to vote on our Facebook page. If you don’t agree with the seedings, then know this: Seedings are like "Whose Line is it Anyway"; the rankings are made up, and they don’t matter.

(Sidenote: You won’t find any crazy GQ-esque suggestions like a full pink slim suit or whatever Lady Gaga is wearing. This is for normal people who just want to look good this spring.)

Check back at the end of the week (Friday, March 29) to see what you advanced to the next round.

Let’s make this spring look goooood.





Spring Loafers(1) Spring Loafers vs (16) Pendant NecklacePendant Necklace

As spring comes in, out go the UGGS and in come the spring loafers. Always versatile, these multi-patterned and colored shoes are the face of spring. They face the relaxed feel of a long pendant necklace, complimenting any sort of spring top you can think of.

Winner: Spring Loafers

Oversized Blazer(8)Oversized Blazer vs (9) White Capri PantsWhite Capri Pants

In a bold color or print, the oversized blazer is the perfect springtime layer under a top-coat or poncho, or, when it's warmer, all on its own. White Capri pants need no introduction. They might be a lower seed in this tournament, but we see a Cinderella story from this spring essential.

Winner: Oversized Blazer

White Sneaker(5) White Sneaker vs (12) Trench CoatTrench Coat

When you’re wearing all these spring colors, sometimes the best thing for your feet is a plain palate, which is what white sneakers offer in spades. The solid white can really make the rest of your outfit pop. Part of that outfit is the trench coat, which screams class when you’re making that trek to work in the morning. Elegance never functioned so good.

Winner: White Sneakers

Denim Jacket(4) Denim Jacket vs (13) Eyelet Tea DressEyelet Tea Dress

The classic denim jacket can be worn all the way through fall, but this is the season you bust it out. Wear it on a slightly-chilled day or for after-hours shenanigans, and remember how essential it is for layering. On the other end of the spectrum, the eyelet tea dress can be worn by itself, and really should; this one piece of clothing is bold enough to convey spring and needs little help from any other garment to show it.

 Winner: Eyelet Tea Dress


Sunglasses(6) Mirrored Sunglasses vs (11) One-Piece SwimsuitSwimsuit

With spring comes long, sunny days, so the mirrored sunglasses are a true staple of spring. Bright and colorful, this accessory can really pull a whole outfit together while dimming down the lights. To move on, they’ll have to get past the spring/summer staple that IS the one-piece swimsuit. Beaches and pools are common in the spring, so you better have a suit that looks AND feels good.

Winner: Mirrored Sunglasses

Washed-Out Cropped Jeans(3) Washed-Out Cropped Jean vs (14) Chambray ShirtChambray Shirt

The capris of denim, the cropped jean is the spring look of what you’ve been rocking all winter. Wear them with heels, flats, sneakers, whatever. They work. Keeping with the denim look, the chambray shirt gives you a mellow, relaxed look with the bright clothes paired with it. This top, like the rest of the entries, can be worn with anything.

Winner: Washed-Out Cropped Jean

Boxy Shoulder Bag(7) Boxy Shoulder Bag vs (10) Spring ScarfSpring Scarf

Bright, “boxy” and (somehow) sleek, the boxy shoulder bag just feels right in the spring. This functional accessory faces off against a purely visual accessory in the spring scarf. The scarf lets you get creative with your colors and patterns while not feeling “in the way” at all.

Winner: Spring Scarf

White Tank(2) White Tank vs (15) Striped T-ShirtStriped Shirt

A strong contender, the perfect white tank can be worn anywhere with anything. Very easy to work with, and they are extremely inexpensive. This matchup is tough because it’s opponent, the striped t-shirt, is just as adaptable and can be worn everywhere. Very tough call.

Winner: Striped T-Shirt



Flat Front Pant(1) Flat-Front Shorts vs (16) The FedoraFedora

Bright, flat-front shorts are at the top for a reason; they go with anything AND they just look like spring. There should be at LEAST 2-3 of these in your wardrobe. Taking on the perennial favorite is the fedora, which really only 2% of the population (and Bruno Mars) can rock. Remember: 1 fedora per group.

Winner: Flat-Front Shorts

Plaid Shorts(8) Plaid Shorts vs (9) Swim ShortsSwim Shorts

Just like the plaid shirt, plaid shorts can really stand out when you wear a solid-colored compliment. But, they go up against a true staple of spring: the swim shorts. Chances are you’ll be around a beach or pool, so you’ll need some shorts you look good AND feel good in. But no Speedos. Never Speedos.

Winner: Plaid Shorts

White Pant(5) White Pant vs (12) Striped TankStriped Tank

The white pant is a dangerous gamble. They get dirty ridiculously easily, but man do you look dignified in them. Clean and simple, the bright white makes your shirt and shoes really pop. The striped tank, on the other hand, is the most relaxed look you can have. For the beach or just walking around, the striped tank looks good on slim and athletic builds alike.

Winner: White Pant

Polo Shirt(4) Polo Shirt vs (13) Striped V-NeckStriped V-Neck

There’s a reason you see all those models wearing polo shirts in advertisements this time of year; they give a classy-yet-relaxed look that you can wear to the beach AND to the bars. Stepping down a tad in classy but upping the comfort factor is the striped v-neck. You can wear this anywhere, too, but it also has that “throw-and-go” factor going for it. This will be a tough pick.

Winner: Polo Shirt


Pattern Tank(6) Pattern Tank vs (11) Leather Flip-FlopsLeather Flip Flops

Take what you read on the striped tank and put it here, but with one caveat; a pattern or solid tank will go great with striped or patterned pants (striped tank might not fly as well). This is a tough matchup as they take on the other signature spring shoe in leather flip flops. They give that open, breezy-foot feel with the comfort of a leather step. Goes with practically everything.

Winner: Leather Flip Flops

Solid V-Neck(3) Solid Bright V-Neck vs (14) AviatorsAviators

The solid bright v-neck is simple and comfy, something you can put in the “throw-and-go” category of simplicity. It goes with everything and the solids mean you can throw it at any pattern and look great. But it has tough competition in the timeless and always-solid aviator sunglasses. When you need to block out the sun, nothing looks as good as a pair of aviators.

Winner: Aviators

Button Plaid Shirt(7) Button Plaid Shirt vs (10) Chino PantChino Pants

Plaid is the style now, and the button plaid shirt is stylish and versatile. Wear it buttoned, unbuttoned with a shirt or without one, it just works with any color and pattern. It’s got some competition in the up-and-coming chino pant. To quote Mugatu (he invented the piano necktie!) from Zoolander, “It’s so hot right now.” Those bright-colored pants seem to make everything look good in the spring.

Winner: Button Plaid Shirt

Boat Shoes(2) Boat Shoes vs (15) Cargo ShortsCargo Shorts

When you’re out and about in shorts or jeans, the boat shoe is a stylish staple. Comfortable, sockless and in different colors, this shoe straight up just looks good. It’s challenger is the cargo short, for the man that has lots of stuff to carry but doesn’t want to use a satchel (man purse). But there is something that looks good about all those pockets...

Winner: Boat Shoes


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