Insider Guide: Chef Paul Lynch

Paul J. Lynch, Executive Chef of FireLake, is known for his heartland classics, wood grilling techniques and dedication to using local, sustainable food sources. He has lived in the Minneapolis area for the past ten years. Find out more about his trade and take a few tips from the man:

Favorite place in Minneapolis to:

Get a drink:
Capital Grille, a classic bar with a great pineapple martini.

Do Happy Hour:
The Local, reminds me of my days in England: loud, casual and easy going.

Have a restaurant experience: 
112 Eatery, great food, excellent service and always consistent.

Grab a late-night snack: 
Café Lurcat, great bar food without feeling guilty, great atmosphere and no slumming it while you are eating late.

Indulge in desert: 
Sebastian Joes Ice Cream, awesome French pressed coffee, great ice cream.

And, some non-food related questions:

What’s your ideal night-in-Minneapolis itinerary? 
Matinee at Guthrie Theater, Cocktails at the Chambers Courtyard (Martini at Ice Bar). Home early.

What’s your favorite characteristic about the people or culture of Minneapolis?
Midwesterners are truly open and friendly. We have a very diversified culture. The people here are very easy to talk to and there are many opportunities to engage in highly intelligent conversations .

What’s your favorite annual event in Minneapolis?
State Fair.

What’s Minneapolis’ best-kept secret?
The weather. The brutal winter weather scares many people from other parts of the country away. However, in reality it allows us many additional recreational opportunities such as ice fishing, sledding, hockey…. you name it.

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