Holiday Sports Itinerary


You know what’s great? Being close to what you need. Just like the tv remote, if it’s not close then it’s not happening (and you’ll be stuck watching an infomercial of the new SlapWow). The Hotel Minneapolis would rather you be close to what you love, which is why it’s located right in the middle of the Target Center and Mall of America Field. Throw in the fact that their rooms are spacious and you sleep like royalty, and it’s no secret why this is one of the most popular fan hotels in Minneapolis.



Game time is coming. How are you supposed to deal with (insert evil opposing team)’s fans while also proclaiming your die-hard love for all that is Minnesota sports? Do you think that rowdy fandom nature can be unleashed with a mere couple sips of Sunny Delight? Probably not. You’re going to need some game fuel a.k.a. delicious beer, and Minneapolis is THE place to quench your thirst. We’re the 6th best beer city in the nation – we know our way around a brewery. Minneapolis is home to numerous tap rooms, all under the MN Craft Brewer’s Guild (secret awesome guild handshake not required). You can grab fresh, creative beers from places like Fulton, Surly, Indeed, Dangerous Man, 612 and a whole lot more.


Game Time

Forgive us. Usually, we’re one of the best-dressed cities in the nation. HOWEVER, when this time of the year comes around, you’ll see people ditching their Calvin Kleins in lieu of Nike and Reebok jerseys. And we’re absolutely fine with that. The holidays represent a time where we’re rocking three professional teams and big college games all at once. You can see Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio ignore the laws of physics and defy gravity at a Timberwolves game. You can watch the explosive you star Cordarrelle Patterson return a kickoff 100 yards in a Vikings game. You can even take a break from walking on ice outside by watching grown men skate around on it indoors at a Minnesota Wild game. Plus, there’s the always-electrifying University of Minnesota Golden Gophers hockey and basketball games going on almost every day.



As with the rules of sports and Highlander, there can only be one winner, so you’ll either be really excited or slightly bummed out. The good news: both require you to head out and find the nearest party. Downtown Minneapolis is great for that, as you can head to places like The Shout House for some dueling piano/crowd singing action, or go celebrate with an Irish-style pint at Kieran's Irish Pub. Whether you're looking for live music or a quiet corner to sip a dram of whiskey, the night will guide you to the perfect finish to a sports-filled day in Minneapolis.


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