Food Lover's Summer Itinerary

Morning: Millennium Hotel Minneapolis

For this itinerary, the Millennium Hotel Minneapolis is right in the middle of everything you’re going to do. BUT, that’s not the only reason we put this hotel on the list. Not only do they have fantastic accommodations, but this recently renovated hotel provides a relaxing setting and STUNNING view of the city.


Mid-Morning: Mill City Farmers Market/Minneapolis Farmers Market

Are you surprised to know that we grow a lot of our own food here? Even for a big city like Minneapolis, the locally-grown food is huge, and a good amount of restaurants here use this food in their dishes. You can (and should) sample this from-the-earth food by visiting some of the farmers markets here. Mill City Farmers Market is open on Saturdays, and the Minneapolis Farmers Market is open every day, but also makes its way down to Nicollet Mall every Thursday.


Lunch: Eat Street

After you’ve seen the extremely local side of Minneapolis, you’ll have to grab lunch on a street so renowned for the selection of food that we’ve simply called it “Eat Street.” Within these magical 17 blocks, you can have a go at food from literally every part of the world. The hardest question you’ll face is picking just one restaurant.


Afternoon: Above the Falls

Presumably, there’s been a lot of eating thus far in the day. You’ve got to make some room for the last stop in the day, so some calories are going to need to be sacrificed. We guarantee the best (and most fun) way to free up some stomach real estate is to hop in a kayak and dominate the mighty Mississippi River with Above the Falls Sports. Take a guided tour of the nature side of Minneapolis by paddling for 2-3 hours with the knowledgeable tour guides of Above the Falls. Kayak through the historic St. Anthony Falls area and get a feel for history as old as Minneapolis itself. And no, you DON’T have to wait 45 minutes after eating before you do this! (Editor’s Note: That was a terrible joke.)


Evening: Kramarczuk's

You’ve seen the local ingredients that make the dishes. You’ve eaten food from around the world. You’ve conquered the Mississippi River. Now it’s time to eat and have some fun at one of the most historic and treasured shops in all of Minneapolis. Kramarczuk’s is a James Beard Classic Award-winner for their quality food, local character, and lasting appeal. The business dates all the way back to 1954, and it has been family-owned since that time. Their recipes are flawless. Their cuisine, magnificent. The atmosphere, sublime. This is the perfect way to end a culinary adventure in Minneapolis.



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