Discover Day On The Plaza

Saturday, August 16, 2014
Public Event
All Day Event

The Minneapolis Convention Center Plaza is a space for participation and social interactions. It is also a portal for discovery of other cultural, natural and retail wonders of the city.

Discovery Day is a chance to explore new ideas and discover new ways of experiencing the environment around you, from a cell phone-based mystery to milkweed plants. 

 Justin Heideman, Big Red Party Button

Beyond the booth

No dark, claustrophobic closets here! Our photos are taken out in the open, so more than two people can get in on the fun. Just gather your friends in front of the backdrop, hit the Big Reg Party Button, and say cheese!

Tech-savvy & Social
Instead of tiny photo strips like most booths offer, you can retrieve your photos via a short web URL, right on your smartphone. All photos will be uploaded, so you can see them at your convenience.

Robyn Hendrix, The Land of Parcheesopoly

Co-create a giant sidewalk chalk board game! Roll dice. Hop, twirl, squawk, recite, wiggle. Make up rules, build it bigger. The game will evolve throughout the day as players add to the board with their own instructions and alter routes and rules of play. Examples might include the basics such as “Go back 2 spaces” or “Roll again” as well as creative action commands like “Make a funny face at someone you don’t know.” “Recite a seven word poem about honey badgers.” “Sing a song you hated as a child.” “Pretend you are wearing a funny hat.” The Land of Parcheesopoly is designed to instigate connection and interaction with friends and strangers through movement, laughter, manipulation and negotiation of rules, cheating when appropriate, and ridiculousness. -

 Juxtaposition Arts, Mobile JXTA

Mobile JXTA is a small fleet of bike-towed carts that create an oasis of light, sound and play in the public right of way. Visitors can play a game of illuminated chess or dominos, charge their phones, read #ns_msgboard tweets projected on a community message board, and do an art activity to take away (button making or backpack detailing with glow-in-the-dark ink, for example). Mobile JXTA will move through the Minneapolis Convention Center Plaza all day. 

Amanda Lovelee, Milkweed Cart

Monkey with a Moustache, Mystery Phone: Art of Darkness

 A mysterious thief has boasted that he will pull off an amazing art heist during Discovery Day. The city’s best detectives are on alert, but he seems to anticipate their every move. Which museum will he hit? And why is he leaving clues about his plans? Meanwhile, a group of urban explorers makes a remarkable discovery beneath the streets of Minneapolis. When some of them go missing, our detectives must follow their trail—but do they want to be found? And then there’s that lost cat…

Mystery Phone: Art of Darkness is a cross-platform (iOS, Android) app that provides an interactive story. Unfolding location-based narrative and interactions with virtual characters reveal aspects of this hidden world. You may begin to play before Discovery Day, or you can start the story then. The story can be experienced in many different ways, and whether digging as deep as possible into the multiple mysteries or merely casually following along, you become a vital part of the story.