First off, welcome to our new website! As you can see, it’s just a wee bit different than our old site.

Ok, it’s a LOT different than our last site, and we’re very excited about that. Although, we should say sites. At our last count, we had over 15 sites in use.

That’s a lot. But we fixed it.

The best part about this new is that we took all those sites, put them in a blender and made one delicious mega-site-smoothie. So, is now the one-stop-shop for visitors, meeting and event planners, groups, partner businesses and everything else in-between.

But you’re probably wondering, “Meet Minneapolis, what’s with the new logo and tagline?”  Very observant of you! Let’s look at the tagline first.

Really, we wanted to come up with something that encapsulated what the entire city has to offer. And trust us, there’s A LOT Minneapolis has to offer. Arts, sports, fashion, nature, festivals, restaurants and the list goes on and on. When we looked around at other cities, though, we noticed something: no city really has as much nature in it as Minneapolis.

 Sure, some cities scatter trees around buildings, but we have a park every six blocks. Rivers, lakes, parks, farmer’s markets, we’ve got them all. We’re really a city that is infused with and surrounded by nature. That’s why we chose “City by Nature.” Minneapolis truly is a city sprung forth from nature, as if concrete structures sprouted from the earth.

So, when you take a look at our brand new logo, you can see that it is a direct translation of the tagline. The green represents the energy and lights of the city, as well as the relationship of green with nature. The buildings represent the diversity Minneapolis has to offer, as well as a tribute to some of the most iconic buildings in the city (think you can identify which buildings are what?). The blue represents the many bodies of water we have in the city, and the trees are….nature. Obviously.

The coolest part about the logo? The reflection of it all. Look closely, and you can see the trees and buildings merging. The buildings are being reflected upon the blue water, and the reflection cast upon that water is the trees. This is the most direct tip-of-the-hat to “City by Nature,” as the city is really a park at heart. Pretty cool, huh?

So there you go. A new tagline, new website and logo. We’re going to be posting more blogs in this area, with a variety of citizens and celebrities chiming in to offer some new perspectives about the city. Keep on coming back for more of those updates and, in the meantime, click around the site to see all the new things we added. We’ll see you back here soon.

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