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Mom-entous Day: 10 Best Mother’s Day Spots in Minneapolis

Friday April 26, 2013

Cell phones. NASA. Adrian Peterson.

What do all these things have in common?

Moms had a hand in creating them.

Yes, moms are responsible for pretty much everything in this world. Which is why you should A) Return their calls that you’ve been meaning to do for a while but just never got around to it because….reasons and B) Take them out for a great mother’s day in Minneapolis. They definitely deserve it.

Check out our 10 Best Mother’s Day Spots in Minneapolis.

1. Pinstripes

Honestly, you could really spend the whole day at Pinstripes and not even notice. Not only do they have this great deal on dining for Mother’s Day, but they’ve got bocce ball AND bowling. Add in the scenic view on their large patio and you’ve got yourself a surefire hit.

2. Mill City Museum

What’s a museum doing on this list? Well, you should know two things about this place. First, they’ve got one of the best historical tours in Minneapolis, which includes their widely-acclaimed video “Minneapolis in 20 Minutes Flat.” Second, they’re nicknamed “The Most Explosive Museum in America,” and we’ll let you find out why. Plus, we’ve got a solid deal on reduced-price admission.

3. Nicollet Island Inn

Skip breakfast in bed. You’re not exactly Wolfgang Puck in the kitchen, and we’re pretty sure that lady deserves an hour or two of extra sleep. So sleep in and take her to Nicollet Island Inn’s Mother’s Day Brunch, as their five-course breakfast and beautiful riverside view make for the best way to start this day.

4. Ivy Spa Club

Oh yes. Really, we don’t even need to explain this one, because we’re pretty sure the word “spa” sold you on this idea. But, if you need another reason, then check this out: you and mom can enjoy a 50-minute Ivy Signature Massage and gel color polish manicure for a big discount.

5. The Depot Hotel

If you want a full day of Mother’s Day fun, you’re going to need to spend the night in Minneapolis. You’re in luck, as The Depot Hotel has this great deal for the whole family to stay and play at this excellent downtown hotel.

6. Mall of America

A shopping spree at the largest mall in America? Sounds good to us, and we got our hands on an exclusive coupon for a 50% discount on their savings booklet so you can rack up some huge savings while you’re there. The best part? You can hop on Metro Transit’s light rail in downtown Minneapolis and ride it all the way to the entrance of the mall.

7. Murray’s Steakhouse

Need a classy place to go for dinner? Murray’s is one of those “you need to dress nicely” type of places, because the atmosphere is just as elegant as the food. They’ve been in business since 1946, so it’s safe to say they’ve got the recipes down to perfection.

8. Minnesota Twins Game

Nothing beats outdoor baseball, especially when you're watching it in the home of the 2014 MLB All Star game. Target Field is a gem, and watching the Minnesota Twins play under the sun in 70 degree weather vs the Orioles is the perfect way to enjoy an afternoon on Mother's Day.

9. Union

The casualness of rooftop dining meets the sophistication of high-class dining at the new UNION Restaurant. Located in the heart of downtown, you can enjoy their signature Gourmet Brunch Buffet while soaking in the absolutely stunning Minneapolis skyline from every direction.

10. Above the Falls

You might have read this list and thought, “These are all great, but my mom and I need THE PURE THRILL OF ADVENTURE TO CELEBRATE THIS MOMENTUS DAY OF MOTHERHOOD!” To which we reply, “Even though you just yelled at us in all caps, we get what you’re getting at and we’ve got you covered, but please lower your voice.” Enter Above the Falls, where you and mom can hop in a kayak and take a guided tour of the Mississippi River. How’s that for adventure?

Let us know in the comments below which one of these you’ll be doing!

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