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The Minneapolis Sculpture That Mists Itself and Changes Color

Tuesday June 11, 2013

If you could turn the Eiffel Tower a different color, would you do it?

Of course you would! That’d be awesome. Granted, we can’t really let you do that. For one, it’s not in Minneapolis. Also, we’re pretty sure doing that would break some serious laws. What we CAN do, however, is let you change our own signature sculpture in Minneapolis.

Seriously. We’re putting up a new piece of art in Minneapolis, and you can physically change how it looks from your computer or phone. This new art is called MIMMI, and the 30 foot tall piece changes color depending on the “mood” of the city throughout the day. This is cutting-edge stuff created by some geniuses at MIT, and you won’t find it in any other city.

Here’s the scientific down-low on MIMMI:

“MIMMI is a large, iconic inflatable balloon suspended from a slender structure located at the Minneapolis Convention Center Plaza. Cloud-like in concept, the balloon hovers 30 feet above the ground, gathering emotive information online from Minneapolis residents and visitors to the plaza. MIMMI analyzes this information in real-time, creating abstracted light displays and triggering misting in response to this input, creating light shows at nighttime and cooling microclimates during the daytime. Whether the city is elated following a Minnesota Twins win or frustrated from the afternoon commute, MIMMI responds, changing behavior throughout the day and night.”

Yes, we know exactly what you’re thinking. “I, too, would like to create abstracted light displays and trigger misting in response to this input. But how?” It’s pretty simple. Just send a tweet on this page, then either visit this page for a live webcam OR stop by the Minneapolis Convention Center plaza anytime after June 14th to see MIMMI in person. If you want to be part of this historic unveiling, stop by on the 14th for a day full of activities (of which you can find here).

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