Yes, it's that time of the year again. Time to make the trek to the Minnesota State Fair, where food is forced onto sticks and dreams of being skinny are drowned like a Twinkie in batter.

BUT, we bet there are a couple things you might not know about the State Fair. We present to you the Top 10 Secrets You Don't Know about the State Fair.

Meet Minneapolis: Alright, we have to start it off with easily THE most burning question we’ve got. Every single year, without fail, we can turn to our left and see no less than five people eating a corndog. How many corndogs do you guys sell per year?

State Fair: On average, 500,000 corndogs are consumed by fairgoers during one fair.


MM: Speaking of food, there’s a lot of….interesting…items always gracing the fairgrounds. How do you actually determine what new foods are unveiled each year?

SF: Many elements go into choosing new foods and new vendors at the Minnesota State Fair. Criteria include the following when making new selections: the amount of experience the vendor has at other fairs or shows; presentation and appearance; the balance of similar products/services about the fairgrounds; appropriateness of product to the available site and uniqueness.

And thus the Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Puppy was born.

MM: That’s some pretty scientific stuff. So, when the menus have been set and the dust settles, what’s the granddaddy of them all; the food to rule the fair? What…is the highest caloric food available (size and quantity aside)? 

SF: Most Calories: Deep-fried Candy Bars. Approximately 500 calories.


MM: Delicious. But, when all else fails, just put a stick in a food and call it good, right? Seriously, how many kinds of food-on-a-stick are actually sold at the fair?

SF: There are over 70 different types of food-on-a-stick at the State Fair, with more than 450 foods in total available on the grounds.

Not Pictured: The sticks that should be in those apples.

MM: That's a lot of stick. Alright, this next question has been on our minds every single time we go to the fair. In that Miracle of Birth Center, we always see SOMETHING being born. And it seems to happen frequently. About how many animals are born at the fair each year?

SF: Nearly 200 animals including calves, lambs, piglets, ducks, chicks, and bunnies are born at the CHS Miracle of Birth Center over the 12 days of the State Fair.


MM: Well, if there’s ever an apocalypse, we’ll know where to go to get the animal population back up and running. Switching gears completely, have there ever been some really famous people that have graced the grounds?

SF: We’ve had a lot of presidents, actually. Presidents Hayes, Kennedy, Coolidge, Eisenhower, Harding, Teddy Roosevelt and Taft have all visited the State Fair at one time in their life.

Yes, this man and his no-nonsense mustache once made history at the State Fair.

MM: That’s pretty suite! Get it? Suite, like presidential sui….moving on. Have any of the presidents done anything historic while at the fair?

SF: Some history buffs might know this, but in 1901 Teddy Rosevelt actually gave his “Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick” speech while he was serving as Vice President.


MM: See? You never know WHAT’S going to happen with a trip to the State Fair. Anything else historic ever happen at the fair?

SF: There is actually another large event that happened. The first flight in Minnesota history took place at the fairgrounds on June 20, 1910.


MM: Hopefully they had excellent mustaches like the Wright Brothers. Speaking of history, what band has the record for most appearances at the fair?

SF: Alabama has performed 18 times in 13 years at the Grandstand, which gives them that distinguished honor.


MM: Alabama in Minnesota. Now we’re all sorts of confused. Alright, last question. With all that delicious food and fun rides and such….well, there’s no real clever way of putting this, but we’re wondering how many rolls of toilet paper you guys go through each fair season.

SF: ….22,000 rolls.



And on that note, I think we’re good. Words can only cover so much of the action, so make sure you head on down to the timeless tradition that IS the Minnesota State Fair from August 23-September 3. If you're still curious on all the fun to be had, check out their site at .

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