New craft cocktails at BAR AMÉRICAIN

SALUT chef hits the sauce – debuts new craft cocktails for Edina’s BAR AMÉRICAIN


Minneapolis, Minn., June 28, 2013 – A chef’s d’oeuvre is never done. At least not at SALUT in Edina, were Executive Chef CJ Van Proosdy and resident bar guru Bryan White have just debuted new culinarily-inspired cocktails featuring house-made ingredients and unique flavor combinations.


A bi-sensual drinking experience

“We divided our new cocktail offerings into two categories – one unique to SALUT, and the other more of an homage to the classics,” says CJ.



Bespoke, chef-driven, precision-crafted drinks, made with house-made emulsions, extracts and purees along with freshly torn herbs, fresh-squeezed juices and unique garnishes. “The flavors are eclectic,” says CJ, “but all boast a freshness and verve that make them all the more delicious when enjoyed on the patio.”


Ginger, Rogered – Jim Beam, freshly shaved ginger, cucumber, soda -- $11


Smooth Criminelle – Belvedere vodka, raspberry, basil, lime, honey -- $11


The Jazz Hot – Makers Mark, tarragon, lime, jalapeno -- $12


Float d’Azur – Sobieski vodka, Lillet Blanc, Campari, grapefruit juice -- $12


French Fizz – Hendrick’s gin, Midori, honeydew-cilantro puree, honey, soda -- $11


Tarte Moderne – Don Q Cristal rum, apple brandy, fresh sage, sherry, bitters -- $12


Sangria Blanc – Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, triple sec, citrus juices, grated cinnamon, shaved ginger, star anise, served with fresh fruit -- $8/25


Salut Shandy – Stella Artois and house-made ginger lemonade -- $7


BELLE ÉPOQUE 1871-1914

Classic cocktails with a contemporary flair. “We stayed true to the spirit and fundamental flavor profiles of time-tested classics, but updated them in key ways,” explains bar manager Bryan White. “They’re not as heavy. They’re less boozy, and the flavors come through with greater vibrancy.”



Sazerac – Bulleit rye whiskey, absinthe, peach nectar -- $11


Blind Pig – Greenall’s gin, mint lemon, soda -- $10


Europe in the Water – Belvedere Pink Grapefruit, Campari, Kinky liqueur, mango nectar -- $12


Devil in the Black Dress – Belvedere Black Raspberry, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, Segura Vida Brut, fresh blackberry -- $11


Waterloo – Greenall’s gin, Sobieski Cytron, lemon, cucumber, Seguar Vida Brut -- $12


Smith and Curran – Marie Brizzard chocolate Royale, cream, soda -- $9


The Hemingway – Absinthe, Champagne -- $12


And not to be forgotten….SALUT CLASSICS

“We want to offer our guests fresh choices, but they’ve made it clear that certain offerings are NOT to be tampered with,” says White.



Smokin’ Salut Cosmo – Sobieski Cytron, triple sec, cranberry juice, pomegranate puree -- $11


French Riviera – Don Q Limon, fresh mint, blackberry puree -- $11


A unique culinary collaboration


Most restaurants maintain an unofficial, but well-observed division between the back and front of house. “Chefs typically don’t get involved in cocktail creation,” says General Manager Zach Saueressig, “but when we floated the idea of a collaboration to CJ and Bryan, they jumped at the chance to create something unique.”


The first thing the pair did was study up – researching the canon of French cocktails, reviewing current bar trends, and closely examining the known preferences of SALUT’s guests.


“Next I determined the liquors I wanted to include,” explains CJ, “and then I built and layered flavors upon them, adding herbs, spices, vegetal elements and fruits in ways that allow the guest to discern different notes at different times. For example, the Float d’Azur cocktail includes a single giant fennel-infused ice cube whose flavor impacts the cocktail over the course of your drinking it.


“In other cocktails, like The Jazz Hot, a principal flavor component comes in the form of a whole roasted jalapeno used as a garnish. Nibble on that while you’re sipping the cocktail, and the whole taste experience is expanded into one that’s bold and yet somehow doesn’t overwhelm the other ingredients, like the fresh tarragon.”


CJ also worked with Bryan White on the Belle Epoque cocktails. “Here the goal was to update and improve on time-honored classics,” he says. “We started out with maybe 60 candidates, winnowed them down to our favorites, and then focused through various iterations on clarifying the flavor profiles to suit more contemporary tastes.”


As diverse as the offerings are, they’re united by one thing, says CJ:  “All of our cocktails earned their place on the menu. There are no fillers, no B team second stringers. Each drink is a true point of pride for us, and I think will be a real source of pleasure for our guests.”



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