Art and Theater Lover's Summer Itinerary

Morning: Le Meridien Chambers

If you’re going to have an art-filled day, you might as well start the morning with some art right in your hotel. The Le Meridien Chambers Hotel has their very own art gallery only steps away from your room. The country's first luxury art hotel, Le Méridien Chambers Minneapolis features over 200 pieces of original contemporary art work from the private collection of the hotel's owner Ralph Burnet.  Plus, the hotel is right in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, which means you’re that much closer to all the action.


Mid-Morning: Walker Art Center and Sculpture Garden

Enjoy the sunshine and walk down a couple blocks to the famous Walker Art Center. The center is split into two parts; the outdoor Sculpture Garden and the indoor center. Start off outside and tour the grounds, taking in all the glorious sights of giant metal objects twisted into better-looking giant metal objects. Then, head inside and tour through one of their many exhilarating and cutting-edge exhibits that tour through the center monthly.


Lunch: Gather at Walker

Why yes, the Walker Art Center DOES do lunch. And this isn’t the run-of-the-mill “Oh look a hotdog for $8” type of menu most attractions offer. They partnered up with restaurant-extraordinaire D’Amico and Sons to create Gather, where you can find exquisite lunch options created by a rotating panel of esteemed chefs.


Afternoon: Visit the Guthrie

When people see the massive, beautiful blue structure known as The Guthrie, they think that you can only go in there when you have a ticket to a theatrical production. Not the case! The building itself is a piece of art, and there are two spots you need to hit while you’re inside. The first is the Endless Bridge, which juts half a block from the Guthrie in midair. Second, the trendy Dowling Studio Lobby gives a birds-eye view of Minneapolis through the vision of amber-tinted glass.


Dinner: Murray’s Restaurant

There are a lot of subtleties that go into the perfect steak. Preparation, seasoning, time on the grill…it takes true mastery to get that mouth-watering perfection. Enter Murray’s Restaurant. Open since 1946, the Murray family has defined what high-class dining should taste and feel like. Get out your finest apparel and walk in to one of the classiest restaurants in all of Minneapolis.


Late Night: Brave New Workshop

Do you like Saturday Night Live (and don’t launch into a rant about how the Belushi years were way better, we get it…)? Brave New Workshop is exactly that, but with a longer tradition. The Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre has been writing, performing and producing original sketch comedy, music and comedy improvisation longer than any other theatre in the United States (54 years!). Even Al Franken of SNL fame got his start at BNW. End the night with some great laughs here.



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