Greenway, Barr, Loeffler not at practice; Charlie Johnson there, but not practicing

Star Tribune Sports - Fri, 12/19/2014 - 11:38
What did we learn at practice a few moments ago? That Audie Cole appears to know how to long snap well enough to get the ball to punter Jeff Locke without drawing too much attention. Regular long-snapper Cullen Loeffler wasn’t at practice because, like the rest of Minnesota, he’s apparently sick. Presumably, he’ll play on Sunday, but we’ll get the official injury report after practice today. Meanwhile, Chad Greenway also wasn’t at practice for the portion open to reporters. He hasn’t been on the injury report this week, so we’ll wait until after practice for the reason. Linebacker Anthony Barr, who has missed the past two games because of a knee injury, wasn’t at practice. Look for him to miss a third straight game. Left guard Charlie Johnson was at practice, but wasn’t participating. Two players who hadn’t oracticed all week — tight end Kyle Rudolph and strong safety Robert Blanton — were practicing today.
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Behind Enemy Lines: Dolphins' December struggles and Joe Philbin's future with beat writer Chris Perkins

Star Tribune Sports - Fri, 12/19/2014 - 10:26
For the Vikings’ final road trip this season to Miami, we reached out to Chris Perkins, who covers the Dolphins for The Sun Sentinel, in this week’s edition of “Behind Enemy Lines.” Here are five questions we asked Perkins about the Week 16 matchup at Sun Life Stadium. 1. How would you evaluate the Dolphins’ play in December? CP: The Dolphins have been bad in December. There’s no other way to tell the story. They’re 1-2, which means they’re struggling at the most important time of the season. In the last two games, losses to Baltimore and New England, they’ve been outscored, 48-3, in the second half. They’ve allowed 568 yards rushing in their last three games, produced three sacks, and only scored three touchdowns. The list goes on, but you get the idea. 2. What do you think will happen to head coach Joe Philbin at the end of the season? CP: Philbin is probably done. You can’t say for sure, but it appears he won’t return. Philbin, in his third season, has a 22-24 record and will most likely miss the playoffs once again. It’s tough to say you’ve seen progress. Miami was 7-9 in Philbin’s first season, 8-8 last year, and might show one-game improvement this year. That’s after getting arguably the top free agent on the market the last two years (wide receiver Mike Wallace in 2013, and left tackle Branden Albert in 2014), changing offensive coordinators, and revamping the offensive line. The Dolphins have probably performed to their talent level, but Philbin never made them better. That’s a problem. 3. In what areas has quarterback Ryan Tannehill improved and regressed this season? CP: Tannehill, now in his third season, has been better at decision-making, footwork and accuracy. But Tannehill, such as Philbin, never made anyone better. That’s a problem. Tannehill has career bests in completion percent (66.3; 6th in NFL), passer rating (90.8; 15th in NFL) and rushing yards (316). But his 22 touchdowns and 11 interceptions are on the border of the minimally-desired 2:1 ratio. He’s near the bottom of the NFL in third-down passing (25th) and fourth-quarter passing (32nd), and he struggles with accuracy when throwing the deep ball so it’s almost been eliminated from the offense, making his completions mostly on short and intermediate passes and turning the Dolphins’ passing offense into a pedestrian way of moving the ball. 4. What’s the reason for the Dolphins’ success defensively? CP: When the defense was successful it was because of the defensive line. But they’ve slumped severely in the last four games. So has the defense. Miami is seventh in total defense because of its early-season success. Defensive end Cameron Wake (9.5 sack) is a perfect metaphor. He has one sack in the last five games. In the last four games the Dolphins have allowed 121 points (30.3 per game). Granted, one touchdown came via a blocked field goal, but it’s still a bad four-game performance. The defense is no longer disruptive. They used to stop the run, get sacks and force turnovers. Those skills have evaporated. Miami’s defense isn’t to be feared the way it was earlier in the season. 5. What will the Dolphins need to do to beat the Vikings? CP: The Dolphins need to do anything and everything possible to beat the Vikings. Their formula for winning – strong defense, a good running game, a decent passing game – is out the window. They need to find a Vikings weakness and exploit the heck out of it. The Dolphins (7-7) haven’t had a winning season since 2008. They badly need to win these final two games even though realistic playoff hopes are gone. Whatever it takes to win – special teams, interceptions, rushing, passing, good fortune – is what the Dolphins need.
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Friday (Norv's honest, calculated praise of Bridgewater) edition: Wha' Happened?

Star Tribune Sports - Fri, 12/19/2014 - 10:25
Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner took his weekly turn at the podium to address the media on Thursday. Normally, coaches give a brief opening statement and then open things up for questions. Turner, though, made it quite clear that he had an agenda — not in a bad way, but still in a clear way. Unprompted by any questions that day, but surely prompted by those who have questioned rookie QB Teddy Bridgewater and picked apart his performance this season (present company included, we imagine), Turner launched into what could be considered a speech about all the positives he sees in Teddy. It measured in at 545 words, making it twice as long, plus one word, as the 272-word Gettysburg Address. (Seven years ago, by the way, the Vikings pinned their hopes for four scores every game on the likes of Tarvaris Jackson, Kelly Holcomb and Brooks Bollinger, all of whom started games at QB for the Vikings). The first half of it went like this from Turner: Over the last period of time since Teddy [Bridgewater] has been playing there have been a lot of people that weighed in in terms of their evaluation and where he is and what type of player he is and where we are at. Sometimes I see some of that stuff and I’m not sure who it is that’s evaluating or what their background is, what their qualifications or even what their experience is. So, I thought I’d weigh in because I know my background, I know my qualifications and I do have a little bit of experience with this. I think this is, for a young guy and for a rookie put in the situation he’s been put in in terms of we’ve started eight different offensive linemen, we’ve obviously started three different tight ends, we’ve started three different running backs, played five different running backs, over the last five weeks our leading wide receiver is a guy we signed in late September/early October off the Cleveland Browns practice squad and you throw a rookie quarterback into that, I’ve seen a bunch of guys really, really have a tough time with that and a bunch of guys that are good players. It’s pretty incredible to me what he’s done, how he’s handled it, the things he’s gotten done and what he’s really done is made everyone around him better and that’s a quality that you’re looking for. We weren’t there, in person, to hear it. But the tone and timing seemed spot-on. While we don’t think a person has to have played in the NFL or have coached a number of years to recognize there are throws Bridgewater struggles to make, it is Turner’s right — and maybe even part of his job description — to not only defend his QB but remind everyone that there is a lot of good that has happened in his rookie season. Words won’t ultimately define what Bridgewater becomes, but we also doubt Turner would have gone on the record in such a clear way if he didn’t believe fully in his young QB.
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Opening Tipoff: Stats look better but how much does that really mean right now?

Star Tribune Sports - Fri, 12/19/2014 - 10:05
A few thoughts leading up to tonight's game vs. Seattle.
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TwinsCentric: Can Aaron Hicks Be Fixed?

Star Tribune Sports - Fri, 12/19/2014 - 09:42
The Twins are counting on Aaron Hicks to turn things around. Will he be able to respond?
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Cryptic critters: Impressive examples of camouflage in Minnesota

Star Tribune Sports - Fri, 12/19/2014 - 06:53
Look closely. These animals are wearing perfect camouflage for their Minnesota surroundings.
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Gophers wrestling is a band of brothers

Star Tribune Sports - Thu, 12/18/2014 - 22:26
Members of the No. 1 Gophers wrestling team treat each other like family — for good reason
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Wolves' struggle at the free throw line proving costly

Star Tribune Sports - Thu, 12/18/2014 - 22:04
The Wolves’ inability to hit foul shots proved costly in a loss to the Wizards.
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Curtain comes down on the Christian Ponder era

Star Tribune Sports - Thu, 12/18/2014 - 21:41
The former No. 1 QB looks forward to a “fresh start.”
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Reusse: Inner voice keeps Crockett running for NDSU

Star Tribune Sports - Thu, 12/18/2014 - 20:53
Former Totino-Grace star John Crockett has 1,754 yards rushing for the Bison.
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Hartman: Vikings' history with Miami had memorable start

Star Tribune Sports - Thu, 12/18/2014 - 20:41
The Vikings nearly ended the Dolphins’ perfect run in 1972, then lost to them in Super Bowl VIII.
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Cooke could spark Wild out of malaise

Star Tribune Sports - Thu, 12/18/2014 - 20:16
The physical forward has missed 22 games with torn hip flexor muscles.
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Minnesota, Pitino waiting on word about Diedhiou's eligibility

Star Tribune Sports - Thu, 12/18/2014 - 15:16
The international big man retook his English proficiency test and could join the team immediately if admitted.
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Norv Turner thinks Teddy Bridgewater's carrying Vikings offense

Star Tribune Sports - Thu, 12/18/2014 - 14:27
Vikings rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has carried an offense that is lacking stability at, well, every position, according to offensive coordinator Norv Turner. The Vikings have used eight different offensive linemen, started three different tight ends and running backs while their most consistent receiver was a guy that started the season on the Browns practice squad — Charles Johnson. Turner prefers not to throw a rookie quarterback into this environment, but he feels Bridgewater has thrived even with the heavy burden. “It’s pretty incredible to me what he’s done, how he’s handled it,” Turner said. “What he’s really done is made everyone around him better and that’s a quality you’re looking for. “We’re asking him to carry this group, which I’ve never had to do that with a young guy. When I had [Troy] Aikman in his third year, he had [running back] Emmitt Smith. I had Alex Smith in his second eyar, and he had [running back] Frank Gore. I had Phillip Rivers in his fourth year, second season starting, and he had [running back LaDainian Tomlinson.” Bridgewater would’ve had running back Adrian Peterson, but he’s suspended for the remainder of the season. Instead, Bridgewater has had to rely on Matt Asiata, Ben Tate and Joe Banyard to help ease the load, which hasn’t been as effective as one of the best running backs in the NFL. Still, the Vikings threw the ball 41 times against one of the top defenses in the NFL and completed a season high 75.6 percent of his passes. His start was marked by two interceptions on consecutive drives that helped the Lions climb out of a 14-0 deficit, but Turner defended the performance despite the turnovers. “We’ve kind of had an interesting group and the people we’ve played on offense has been wide-ranging,” Turner said. “To do the things he’s done, it just tells you about the type of person he is, the type of player he is. The thing that excites me is he can make any throw you need him to make.”
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Kyle Rudolph among five Vikings held out of practice again

Star Tribune Sports - Thu, 12/18/2014 - 14:24
Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph was one of five starters to missed practice in consecutive days due to injury on Thursday. Rudolph has been sidelined with an ankle/knee injury. Left guard Charlie Johnson (ankle), nose tackle Linval Joseph (illness), rookie linebacker Anthony Barr (knee) and safety Robert Blanton (ankle/knee) also missed another practice this week. Blanton was conditioning on the side at the start of practice. Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer wouldn’t specify but expected most of these guys to participate in Friday’s practice. Defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd (knee), wide receiver Greg Jennings (hamstring) and running back Matt Asiata (foot) were all limited once again.
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